First Jam session 😃

So, it’s all go here at the moment for me and Ziggy.

New guitar on Friday and this Thursday (2 days time) I’ve got another actual human being coming to my house to play guitar with me!

I’m just after any general advice/ideas really as I’ve never done this before. I’ve seen the lessons on it in the grade 2 course, plus, though I’ve not met him yet I teach his mum piano and there are no “safety” issues to worry about.

We have chosen 3 songs to look at, shared the chords etc. I have purchased snacks (very important I feel). Anything else I need to know? It’s quite funny, he used to play bass in a band, I used to sing in a duo and now we’re both playing guitar. I kind of figured if nothing else I can sing and he can play chords but that’s kind of not the point :slightly_smiling_face:.

At the moment we both think the other one is going to be better at playing but we really don’t know ‘til we meet!


Hi Liz,
Don’t overthink too much, usually the beginning is a bit difficult ( i did it only once …so why usually …:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: ),…but it’s fun of course…so have fun and enjoy.
Greetings ,Rogier

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There are no hard rules other than to enjoy it. If you both play the same chords in the same positions it will still be fine…however it might be an idea to think about each of you playing chords in different positions (if you are able to) e.g. one play open chords, the other barre chords or triads. Another way to approach is for one to strum and the other pick out single notes of the chords OR maybe you or them can try and little improvisation whilst the other plays the chords.

If he can play bass (and is willing to) get him to bring it along as that’ll add more fun…a guitar and bass combination will really work well…even if he doesn’t one approach might be for him to play the bass notes on his guitar whilst you strum the chords.


Thanks. The songs we’ve chosen all have little riffs and arpeggiated bits so I’m hoping we can manage to do different things. There are also a few instrumental bits and I’m fairly happy improvising with the minor pentatonic over chords even if he isn’t.

I’m just hoping he’s not way more advanced than me and will be bored, time will tell.

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Ooo how nice!
No real advice, just have fun and enjoy it, at this stage you don’t really need any seriousness whatsoever, if it’s going to it will develop on its own; good luck, enjoy👍

Cheers Darrell, I’m excited and a bit scared at the same time. Pretty standard in music I think!

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Good for you Liz, finding someone local to me is something I really want to do to help with my progression now so I’ll be really interested to hear how it goes for you.
Good luck and hope you enjoy it!!

Indeed, what’s music without a little fear!! :wink:

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Sure, I will report back. I found this guy by just telling everyone I see that I’m Looking for someone to play with, eventually someone knows someone!

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Enjoy it, Liz, and look forward to an update post the event.

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Wow great news Liz and a wonderful opportunity. If he’s more advanced than you so much the better, as it will speed your development if it works out. And as others have said using different chord shapes and voicing etc. Don’t over think it at this stage and just enjoy it.
Been a long time since I had that opportunity but it was a good experience back in the day.
Have fun !

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That sounds perfect Liz. Food is always good :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Never played with another person yet, so I cannot give any advice other than to enjoy the experience and please report back on how you get on.