First original song - Animal Rescue

An original song I’m working on. Recently I had reason to reflect on what we, and all the people we know, have achieved over the years. The work still goes on and everyone who helps animals should be proud of the hope you give animals in desperate need. These are just the first 2 verses and an idea for a solo. I’m still a beginner when it comes to guitar and song writing and it’s pretty amateurish. but I’m finding the process very cathartic

Complete song is further down the thread. :slight_smile:


Hi Carl,
You’re making a good song it has great potential and already contains super sounds/parts… :sunglasses: :clap:

And for the animals and the people helping

Thanks, Roger. It’s my first attempt at a song. I help at clinics doing anesthesia and we lost a cat during surgery. He had multiple health problems, but we were just finishing when it’s heart stopped and we couldn’t bring him back. I was crushed and it still hurts to think about it. This song comes from that and it is helping. I looked back at all the animals my wife and I have helped over the years and even though we lost him we tried our hardest to give him a chance at a good life.


Hi Carl, imho it’s a far from amateurish, really good effort, loving the solo. Well done. Fabulous work with the animals. Hats off to you and all the helpers at the clinic. Looking at the eyes of those dogs in the video, melts my heart.
Best wishes,


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Thanks, Alan. I have a 3rd verse pretty much ready, but trying to figure out the chorus is giving a headache LOL.

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Finished the song structure. One day I’ll be able to go back and make it more professional. My first ever original song LOL.

Dedicated to all those who help animals in need.

Lyrics: If anyone is interested

Written in Gmaj at 68bpm, Solo in Em (relative minor)

Verse 1:
I can see the hope in your eyes
As your head begins to rise
No more pain, no more fear
When I reach to pull you near

Rainbow Bridge is in the sky
But for now it passed you by
We had found you just in time
What happened to you was such a crime

You will always have a friend
And on me you can depend
You will always have a friend
Who will love you to the end

Verse 3:
When it’s time for you to leave
We know your soul will rest in peace
You knew hope and you knew love
And now you go to god above


Chorus repeat x 2.


Hi Carl - I love the way the guitar solo comes in very crisp and with ‘soaring’ qualities - I reckon it supports and suits the song to a ‘T’! As I listen to it, I can hear a bridge or pre-chorus coming up then launching back into your chorus. No pressure to accept this suggestion.
This song is very good for your first (and very good if it was your 20th), and obviously you have lots of potential to write many more. Recording songs is a wonderful opportunity to illustrate the idea you were hearing in your head. Well done!

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Thanks, Andrew. I still have a lot of tweaking I want to do to it now that that base is down. I really need to learn how to mix properly. I’ve listened to professional mp3’s and the mix in mine is missing something (or quite a few things LOL) I also want to change the clean electric for an acoustic sound which I think will fit better. I’ve just got to trade a guitar to buy one.

Edited: I found a plugin to make the clean guitar sound more like an acoustic. I definitely prefer it with the plugin activated.

By the way I checked out your songs on soundcloud. They sound great. Any mixing tips would be gratefully accepted.

Thanks Carl. I am learning as I go with mixing. If you listen to some of my earlier songs, you can hear they are much ‘rougher’ than what I am currently doing, but I reckon I still have a long way to go

I wonder if there is a spot in Community where I can write what I know (and hopefully get some tips from others). I’ll let you know where I put these notes.

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That would be great. A section for advice on mastering your own music would be a good addition. The mix is definitely clearer on mine now, but anything that makes it better is just pure luck rather than actual knowledge LOL

I just found the Production folder in Community and there are lots of topics there. I will begin contributing to posts in that section.

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Great first original song Carl. Anything that’s close to the heart when put into a song always comes across in a performance. Very enjoyable! :sunglasses:

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Thank you, Eddie.

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I remastered the song after watching a great video on YouTube. I also added another clean guitar with some chorus. Hopefully I made it a bit better and not worse :slight_smile:


Hey Carl, congratulations on your first original. Such a meaningful and touching song. For a first production I thought you did a pretty good job. Definitely a song that you can be proud of mate. I could actually see that song being played in the background of one of the videos for an animal charity.

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That was beautiful Carl. Obviously a subject close to your heart.

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Thanks, mate. I’d happily donate it to any animal charity that wanted to use it and use their images for their version.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Just been practicing the solo at different tempos and finding that 96bpm is a whole different proposition than the 68bpm in the original. I love the challenge though :slight_smile:

Congrats on your first original Carl. I didn’t think it amateurish at all and I really enjoyed it. Nice job on the solo as well.

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