First post, first AVOYP - Driver 8/REM

Thank you Andrew for that performance, I really enjoyed it. I liked your dynamics and enjoyed the percussive strums and general groove. Thought you did a very good job with the vocal too. I haven’t heard that song or any early R.E.M. for a while, makes me want to give it a try too!

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Hi Andrew,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:
And congratulations on your first video, nice :partying_face: :sunglasses: :clap:. and a nice introduction that this is :sunglasses:

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@ontime1969 Thanks, Jason!

@thegoog Thanks, Greg. Old REM is the best!

@roger_holland Appreciate it, Roger!

Hi Andrew,

Welcome. Great relaxed and confident strumming with some nice touches and embellishments I thought. :+1: :clap: Great work and again, welcome :+1:

That’s amazingly fast progress Andrew - a really confident and flowing performance. Congratulations!

Only tip I can think of is what Gordon mentioned above - something slightly awry with the muting/fretting. First instance I heard was at 0:27. But this is microscopic compared to the positives in your performance.

@CD02 Thanks so much, Craig!

@twistor59 Thanks, Phil! I agree with you and Gordon; I can hear that something is off with that low E, particularly in the first chunk of the song. A good thing to work on!

Hi Andrew, I had to get back to you on this post.
By sheer happy coincidence, my two grandsons learned and performed Driver 8 at an open mic yesterday. I had no idea they were learning it and was surprised and delighted in equal measure. I posted it here.

I notice in your bio you are an actor in NYC. Another coincidence. My elder grandson, Cameron, is an actor and flies to NYC for a month this weekend. The world is full of synchronicities. :slight_smile:

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@Richard_close2u What a great performance! I’m so glad that you came back to share it.

And I hope your grandson has a great time in NYC!

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Awesome job Andrew!! Welcome to the community and wow that’s a superb way to introduce yourself :slight_smile:

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@Notter Many thanks, Mark!

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Welcome to the community, great share! Hope you’re enjoying your new guitar and that it inspires you to keep going, Susan

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@SusanW Thanks so much, Susan! Glad to be here!

Hello Andrew and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

That was a great debut and it shows you’ve been working on your basics. Nice vocals and confident strumming. Nice on the chord changes too.

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@SgtColon Thank you, Stefan!

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