First Post- Nick Drake -Pink Moon

Sounded great, Pamela. I also enjoyed a quick skim through some of the family recordings.

Loved this! :clap: :clap:
Congratulations on your first AVOYP post! Thank you for sharing. It was really enjoyable. I’d love to see an update too!

Have been having a look for tabs - would you rate this one from Ultimate Guitar? It has the CGCFCE tuning with a 2nd fret capo - PINK MOON INTERACTIVE TAB by Nick Drake @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

Hope you’re taking courage from the requests for an encore with a more recent take!

:clap::clap::clap: congrats on your first AVOYP Pamela…it sounded great! I hope to hear more of you :blush:

LOL thank you!
That was a fun pandemic past time for us on camera. Behind the scenes- a lot of arguing hahahah

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I think that tab looks good- and thentplay a long with the actual recording for the nuances.

He is just soooo good…

Two things spring to mind:

He tuned his guitar to the piano, and the piano was out of tune.

They detuned it in the production. they sometimes do this to make it sound better. More often they tend to push the pitch up to make the singer sound more impressive, or to increase the song tempo.

But slowing it down works too in some cases.



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The Josh Turner in-depth is a great video. This has really taken me back as Pink Moon the album was one of my inspirations for first picking up a guitar. So interesting to hear so much detail on how the sound can be broken down.

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Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting. That was really good Pamela. Strumming sounded solid.

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Wow that’s one stellar first post. I absolutely love Nick Drake so super happy to see a cover here! You absolutely nailed those descending lines, wonderful fret work there. I hope you post more, and if you ever decide to give singing on camera a whirl, I’ll be happy to hear it!

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