First Post- Nick Drake -Pink Moon

Hi all- I am new to the community. Here was my take on Nick Drake’s Pink Moon. It is so hard to video lol- I constantly mess up! And I do not sing on camera.

This was done awhile back - would love to redo it now, almost 2 years in and see the difference- but I am afraid there won’t be one hahaha


Lovely work Pamela, I’m a big fan of Nick Drake, shame he never made any more music. I’d love to hear an update, just a little slower with vocals. Well done :clap:

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Love this. I’m also a huge Nick Drake fan and stopped to visit his graveside in the very tranquil Tanworth-in-Arden a few years back. A bit morbid I guess… but as I said, I’m a big fan.


A strong entrance song to the community.

Think I agree with @madmodmcd - would love to hear a slower version too. It’s inspired me to note it down as a dreamer song for myself in the future - there would be some real stretch chord changes in there, whilst maintaining tempo.

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Congratulations on your first AVOYP, Pamela. That was a great debut :clap::+1::star_struck:.

That was a great entrance Pamela. Really well played! :sunglasses:

Very nicely done!!!

What a great song choice and so well played. I guess that’s in open tuning @pamelak855 ?



Then capo 2nd fret


@pamelak855 Thanks. I love this song so have looked into it. In standard tuning the chords can be played in D but Nick Drake’s recording is slightly out of tune; somewhat odd as there is a piano in it. I can get it to work with D A G Em but sounds nothing like yours. Well done. Any more Nick Drake please?

Edit: PS I used software to retune it by 3/4 step to get the original in D and to play along

@pamelak855 OK Please excuse my utter ignorance in this as I know nothing of open tunings and have enough difficulty finding the notes in standard tuning. So please indulge me but what I don’t get is why tune the guitar to a specific tuning and then use a capo? I see that’s how it is in examples of tabs and covers and tutorials on YouTube. But having listened to it, is it not more likely that Nick Drake played this in an open D tuning without a capo?

That’s lovely Pamela, a grand welcome to the community.
I’m a fan too. I had all three studio albums on vinyl once upon a time.
Have you seen Josh Turner’s video looking at his tuning and tone?

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Sweet guitar work, no vocals needed! … But I hope you try sometime and share. I never heard the song before…

I get where your thoughts are but this open c pattern isn’t the same as open d.
Drake used this pattern on a number of songs- it allowed for very simple cords and cord changes with a very melodic sound

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Love Josh Turner and yes his version of this song is amazing

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Hi Pamela, thanks for sharing this, have always loved this song, most enjoyable.

Congratulations on your first AVOYP. I’m not familiar with the song, but I liked your playing and strumming! Sounds very good!

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Hi Pamela,
Congrets with your first video :sunglasses: :partying_face:

Hi Pamela,

Really enjoyed this great post thank you for sharing it was very good :slight_smile:
Looking forward to seeing more.


I meant to post the link.