First record

Hi, after 3 years of learning acoustic guitar…I have yet to do a single record of me playing anything…any suggestions as to using simple tools like MacBook Air. Always play alone and never recorded myself…so the task seems harder than it probably is…


Hi Luc,

The simplest way to record is to record a video on your mobile phone. Or you could use the voice memos app to record just audio.

You can then upload to YouTube using the YouTube app. Get the link and share here if you wanted.

Yes there are all sorts of techie things that others do (myself included) but it’s not necessary.

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If your Air is anything like my MacBook Pro it has QuickTime on it. That is a a pretty good way of recording a reasonably, decent quality audio or video using the onboard mic.


Welcome to tune town!


  1. Launch the quick time player
  2. Click cancel when the file finder dialog opens
  3. Select File->New Movie Recording
  4. Press the red button when you are ready to record
  5. Click the red button again when you are done
  6. Give the file a name and save it to your hard drive