First recording attempt - RHCP Californication

I have guitar pro. Where do you buy the songs?

The other application I use is called Band in a Box. It has a clunky interface and a bit of a learning curve. You enter the chords in a grid, choose a style and it creates a backing track(s) for different instruments depending on the style. Most styles are “real audio” segments, which can sound much better than midi tones. I prefer if they have the song (and they have a pretty extensive library).

And I agree with @twistor59, you’ve come a long way fast! I guess that classical guitar work payed off!

About 5-6 years of classical back in school (as I said, I didn’t learn anything about playing there, but my hand got the dexterity I guess), then a couple years of exclusively open chord campfire songs :smiley:

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This is where I bought them (not from the website, but from inside the Guitar Pro 8 launcher):
If it says that it has a backing track, it means that everything outside the guitart and bass tracks is from the original (or at least it sounds like it). I’m not sure how this works with other versions, but with GP8, you can find the Mysongbook tabs directly from the launcher (see the picture below)

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That was great. The way your fingers move really show the classical guitar helped! Great playing.

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András, I am impressed with your first recording attempt. I wasn’t even going to attempt this until I was well into Grade 4, so this is an accomplishment. I thought that your solo was fluid and relaxed. I’m not advanced enough to give you much advice on the bending technique, but sounded good to me.

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Andras just starting to learn this may use your demo as a track to play along with just slow it down a bit using youtube settings, having a struggle with moving to the C chord at the 3rd fret and then the G but got the riff down OK.

Wow that was great !!! :metal:
Sounds super !!!
And that Strat looks so nice :star_struck:

Hi András,

Welcome to J’s.

I thought that was great.
Lovely tone - especially effective during the picking parts.
You fit in very well with the backing track.