First recording attempt - RHCP Californication

Hi everyone,

This is my first attempt at recording myself while playing. I know that the video framing is pretty bad and also that I should’ve dusted my guitar, but I got excited to post here so I kinda didn’t care much about that part. Something to improve for sure.

I was taught classical guitar back in school, but I haven’t played much since. I started Justin’s courses about a year ago.
I am progressing quite fast I think, currently I’m around the end of Grade 3, so I thought that it would be good to challenge myself to learn and record 10 songs more or less properly - this is the first stage of this challenge, but I think I will re-do this one after more practice for sure (or getting a better video angle with a tripod perhaps).

For the recording, I just used the USB out of my Katana 50, and a free trial version of Studio One from Presonus. The backing track itself is from Youtube.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Edit: seems like I don’t know how to embed YouTube videos here, if you can help me out on that as well I would appreciate it :smiley:


He I was just typing how to for your video ,aha I see David :grin:

Hi András,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses: and that is some very nice first video :scream: :sunglasses: :clap: :partying_face:
You learned that quickly and I look forward to the rest of your progress and your input into this community :sunglasses:


Welcome to the Community, András.

Nothing really I can say about your playing, good rhythm, clean, looked relaxed., both rhythm and solo.

One of our regulars is really into RHCP and might dig deeper, pick up on details … @adi_mrok, you are around Adrian to give this a listen.

I sorted out the embedding for you. All you need to do is copy and paste the uRL from YouTube on its own line in the post and it embeds automatically. You can edit your post and have a look if that doesn’t make sense.

You may also want to introduce yourself to the Community in Introduce yourself ..., just some brief personal background, guitar history and aspirations as a member.

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Real solid playing Andras. A very good “first attempt” imho. I hope to hear more.
I particularly liked the clean (tone) elec. guitar. Very well done.
The double stop in the solo was very cool too.

fwiw, I can’t see any dust on your guitar, all is well. :wink: Nice looking guitar too btw. I like the dark fretboard on it.

Great song and great performance.

Once your trial expires for Studio One, give Reaper a try :slight_smile:

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I actually really like Studio One so far, so I am thinking about buying one of their interfaces (I will need an audio interface eventually anyway, and they are giving the software free with their budget options as well, seems like a good deal). But I will keep Reaper in mind too :slight_smile:

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My Audio interface came with a free version of Studio One, but that version did not allow me to load up any external VSTs, unless I would pay the $99 to upgrade to Studio One Artist.

With that said, I think you are right, if you buy one of their interfaces, I think you do get the Artist version so you should be all set.

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Nice one Andras. Some fluent and nice playing. I will leave it to the more qualified members to offer feedback and advice.

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Hell Andras, and a warm welcome to the community. Some pretty solid playing there on your first video. Rhythm, changes, touch, all coming along very well mate. Alot to be proud of there.

One observation if I may. You can probably here yourself; a few of those bends are out. I notice you’re pushing up with your fingers, rather than rotating the wrist a bit more. You’ll find alot more control if you engage that wrist a bit more.
All the best. Lookin forward to your other 9 tunes. :nerd_face:

Cheers, Shane

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Very nice Andras, you have a lovely touch and look very relaxed. Great job!

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Hi Andreas, nice to meet you! Thanks David for calling out RHCP cover, always fun to listen to one!

Pretty solid playing there, well done! Chords and main riff pretty spotless to me, really nice tone going, a typical clean strat type of sound, love it!

If I had to pick on something is what Shane said about bending with fingers and not your wrist. You may have been off with tone on some bends, but literally barely in my opinion, totally acceptable to me. The first notes of the solo where you bend for the first time - I think the second strike only comes in after you bend and go back to original note, not in the middle if that makes sense. That’s the bit I would redo, other than that - great job!

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Right, I haven’t really noticed. Got so lost in practicing it one way, I didn’t remember to check back against the original, so I left out this detail. I will probably start practicing it that way now (I will most likely redo this video at some point, since I haven’t really learned bending notes the correct way yet, only for this one song)

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Very nice… Sounds awesome. How long has it taken for you to get end of grade 3?

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Hello András and welcome to our community and also congratulations on your first AVOYP posting. :slight_smile:

That was some sweet playing and nice job on the solo as well.

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I’m not exactly at the end yet, still have 2 modules to go. I started around a year ago with grade 1, but the first 2 grades were quick, most likely because of my previous experiences with the guitar.

This is a terrific first post András!! Really smooth picking, lovely rhythm playing, clean (and very good) solo, tone and dynamics bang on, bravo!!

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Quite good!

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Just a mention regarding the backing track. For me, it can be very frustrating to find a good one on Youtube. Maybe this has been discussed before but I found a site - where you can buy a song for $2.99 (US) and download the individual tracks. I then load them into my DAW (Logic Pro). You can then mute the parts you want to play or just keep a few and add vocals, guitar, whatever. Basic tracks are in mp3 but you can pay more to buy wave, commercial licenses, etc. I just load up the mp3 tracks and have a go at it.


PS I am not associated with the site in anyway except that I’ve used their songs for practice or to create my own recordings, usually just using their drum and bass.

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Thanks, awesome!
Yes, I am struggling with finding good tracks for some songs I’m working on, I will take a look at it. Also, I bought some songs in Guitar Pro, which is also nice since you get the tab with it as well (more famous songs have versions with the original drums, vocals etc.)

Terrific debut in the community recordings András - very accurate piece of work to my ears.

Echoing @lraesly I’ve also used karaoke-version when I’ve wanted actual song backing tracks. I did that because I guess there’s less chance of copyright problems given that they’re not the original artists performing.

How long had you played guitar previous to the Justin courses? I’m guessing you must have had quite a head start!

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