First recording/AVOYP - Sun Hotel Pt. 2 - The Menzingers

Since I first heard it, this is one of the songs that made me want to get back to learning guitar. It also helped me with the mindset shift of focusing on songs I really wanted to learn vs. the recommended songs in the lessons. Ultimate Guitar was a starting place for the chords, but then I also zoomed in and studied the low quality solo recordings of it over and over, trying to pick out the tweaks. Might not be exactly right, but it’s the song I put the most effort into and it’s great to know I can finally play it.

Would love any suggestions on form, strumming, etc.!



Enjoyed this performance.

For most of the song, where you’re strumming quite quickly, your playing is consistent: you could try to vary the dynamic a little: loud / soft, different strum patterns. Your vocal is perhaps a little too quiet.

You may already know large parts of this song are a variation on Leonard Cohen’s Chelsea Hotel No. 2


Hi Brian. Thanks for watching and for the comments and suggestions! And yes, I recognized the Chelsea Hotel references the first time I heard it, and it’s part of the reason I love this, but mostly I just recognized the “I remember you well” and “you preferred handsome men” bits. I hadn’t revisited the full lyrics of Chelsea Hotel in a while, so it’s a good reminder of just how much of this version is taken from it (it’s less so in the non-acoustic album version of this song).

Hi Chris, good share. Quite deceptive there, starting off one strum per bar and then really amping it up! Nice one.

Some tips. I struggled to hear your singing, so maybe look at how you’re positioning the phone/mic, and maybe play softer. Also, the slow one strum per bar bit - think about how to add interest to that, perhaps slow pick raking at times for variation.

Now you’ve posted though… think about doing an intro post to the community so we know more about you.

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