First Recording - Mad World

This is my first time recording myself playing a song. I didn’t have the microphone placed correctly so the guitar overpowers some of the vocals which is probably OK since my singing is still a work in progress.

Welcome any critique. I do realize that my strumming could be better but I am struggling with singing if there are up-strums. Need to work more on that.


That was great first video, well done Craig! I love this song (Gary Jules / Donnie Darko version). It was one of the early songs I learnt. I played old faithful pattern, I think it works better than four down strums. However, it is not perfect. I struggle to find the “proper” pattern for this song. I think no strumming will be perfect with this song/version as it is played on a piano with tones “dancing” up and down making the most important part of the feeling. The closest I got to that feeling on a guitar is to arpeggiate over chords to try to resemble the piano. Singing along is not easy with any song, you are on the right path there.

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Congrats on the first AVOYP, Craig. The first is the hardest.

You are making good progress. I didn’t pick up anything specific to point out. So just keep doing what you are doing, working on the strumming and the chords, playing songs, songs, songs and making those recordings.


Well done, :clap:


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Excellent first performance. Good, consistent rhythm and probably a very good voice in the background. Well done.


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Well done on your first AVOYP. Very solid performance :slight_smile:

You’ve got good rhythm. It seemed fairly consistent through-out the song. As somebody else mentioned, playing and singing at the same time is very difficult, so well done.

I only have a couple of small suggestions: You could try slowing it down a little, it feels like it’s little bit too fast for mood of the song

Also, try strumming back a bit further so you’re more in the middle of the sound hole. It looks like you’re strumming quite far forward. Strumming more in the middle will give you a deeper, richer sound.

I’ve been working on this song too, so you might get to see my version at some point.

Keep up the good work.

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Hi Craig,
This is your first video recording, congratulations because that’s a big thing :partying_face: :sunglasses:

Strumming guitar dynamics with singing is what no one expects in the beginning :blush:, but I already enjoyed listening and watching, you have something very pleasant (warm) in your voice … keep it up the good works :clap: :sunglasses: :clap:


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Hi Craig, congratulations that was really good and I would never had know it was your first recording so nice one. :clap: :clap:

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Craig, Nice job on your first post. Sounded good to my ears. I agree with what DavidP said^^^

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Thanks everybody!

I’ve made a goal to record myself at least once a month going forward. It will be a good yardstick to measure progress going forward.

Nice first recording, Craig. I’m looking forward to your future recordings and to watching your progress.

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Well done on posting your first AVoYP Craig. Some good stuff going on there and I look forward to more from you in the future.

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