First set of studio monitors - KRK Rokit 5 G4

Been researching and educating myself in recent months on my first set of studio monitors, and finally decided on the KRK Rokit 5 G4s.
My youngest son moved out of home last week, and while a little sad, I claimed his room as my new ‘studio’ about 5 minutes after he left.
Just set the KRKs up today, and blown away by the sound and clarity of these babies straight out of the box.
All my playing/ practicing/ recording in recent months has been through a Focusrite 2i2, and using S-Gear as my amp sim. Decided to try out this route rather than upgrade my ‘beginner’ amp.
Have never looked back. Everything’s in one place, the tones are limitless, it just sounds better, and my workflow/ learning is much more efficient. All I needed was to get away from the exclusive headphone use, and get some external monitors.
The KRKs appear to be very versatile, with a variety of eq settings both onboard and via their app, which I’ll undoubtedly fiddle with. From my research, this versatlity should allow them to do the job as quality recording monitors, as well general practice/ playing. Plus I got em at a great price, which is a bonus. Made some desktop stands out of masonry blocks, with some padding top and bottom. Seems to have turned out well.
Anyway time will tell. Lots to learn. Ears to train.

Cheers, Shane


Looks cool, and I agree. Such a setup is indeed convenient and with satisfying tones for practicing.
For some people it takes a little “getting used to” before they connect with guitar tones coming from studio monitors (which sounds more like a recording / mic’ed up guitar amp than an actual ‘amp in the room’)… but I like playing with such tones a lot as well :wink:

Good and simple Shane.
I too have studio monitors on my desk that I can use for that purpose.

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Yeah thanks Kasper. Pretty happy with my whole setup now, for all situations.
Purchased S-Gear about a month ago. Only lasted 2 days into the trial. Unbelievably great amp sim. Latest version introduced a pedal board too.
No excuses now😄.

Cheers, Shane

Looks great, Shane.

Keep on rocking in the free world

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So what did you do in the 4m 45s after the door closed !!!
Looking good Shane, looking forward to hear how this progress.

Happy NMD

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Hi Shane.
Happy NSD :sunglasses: :partying_face:

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Looks great to me Shane, definitely you were also sad for 5 mins as well after son left eh :rofl:

One thing that comes to mind with your simplistic approach to gear - if one day you want a pedal to switch effects around while playing are you able to do so with a software? A genuine question here

How did you manager to get him to take all of his stuff? Both of ours have gone and the amount of stuff they left behind means I can’t set up my music room yet. Every time I say to my “good lady” about taking it to the tip, she say’s I can’t.

Looks a great little set up though Shane. Well jeal, as the kids would say.

His ‘leftover’ stuff is ‘carefully’ packed in the garage. Can’t have it cluttering up “my” room. 1ic was onboard with it all, as it keeps me out of her hair :smile: Honestly, grateful to have my own space, after being in the living room for 2 years.

Just keep ’ casually’ bringing it into conversation with your misses everyday. She’ll eventually see the light. :innocent:

Cheers, Shane


I was actually a bit emotional when he left. We are very close, are great mates, and have alot in common.
Re the pedals, I’ve actually been investigating a midi footswitch, that’ll handle all sorts of tasks, including switching presets, altering parameters etc while playing .
S-Gear, the amp software that I use appears to have a pretty solid midi implementation both in the standalone app and via VST plugin.
Will probably be my next purchase, as I"m increasingly finding a need for it as my song list increases. Will need to let the funds replenish a bit first :grin:

Cheers Shane

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I have gone the exact same route. I started using S-gear with a Motu M2 and using SVS speakers.
However, I was getting frustrated that my headphone sound was significantly better than through the monitors. I figured it was my room , etc.

I discovered that you need to push the output on your Digital interface. You control the total volume with the speaker outputs. It made a significant difference. I’m guessing the preamp needs to push more signal than trying to boost it by turning up the speaker volume.

Another fun thing: I switched out the “tweed” for the “wayfarer” on the Sultan of Tweed preset. I find it much better and more authentic to the Knopfler Strat sound.

Happy for you Shane that you now have your very own magic music room and gear that serves you well.

Hey Bob,

Great to meet another S- Gear user, and thanks for the tip on the Knopfler tone. One of my favourite bands, so a handy bit of info to try out.
The only ‘downside’ with S-Gear is it can so capture me with its great tones, that I can lose track of time. ‘Lucky’ I have my 1ic to bring me back to earth :innocent:.

Cheers, Shane

Thank you Maggie for your little rays of sunshine. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Cheers, Shane

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