First Sing and an alternative Stuck 3/4 Chord Song from Grade 2

Looks like I will be spending some time over on Chris Liepe’s site! (Discover your voice course) :roll_eyes:
I am of the mind that learning to sing will be a similar exercise to learning guitar? Correct me/put me out of my misery, if I’m wrong.

Cast No Shadow - An alternative to Wonderwall if you’re feeing a bit more melancholy, plus as everyone knows Wonderwall by heart, if it’s not ‘exact’ everyone notices.

Warning, learning Cast No Shadow will mess with your mind if you are also learning Wonderwall, it’s the same chords but ‘clockwise’ and, of course, no capo.

Roast me gentle.


No need for roast.

Brilliant performance :fire:

Playing was really good same with singing.

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You sound good Dave.

I’d recommend Chris’s DYV. I enrolled December 2020 and I’m still getting gold out of it. Chris interacts with his students too, so you’ll get feedback and encouragement. I guess it’s like learning guitar or any new skill. The more you put into it, and the more consistent you are, the greater the gains. If you want more info about how Chris works, or his courses, send me a dm, I’d be happy to talk further.

Thanks @tRONd, hopefully will see you on the open night, thought I’d better give it a go!

Thanks Maggie @batwoman, I signed up a while ago but am stuck in limbo a bit. I enjoy playing the guitar just as a ‘chill out’ hobby. But I’ve put so much time in I’m now like - well why not learn to sing too. I’ve played guitar at parties (a party :slightly_smiling_face: ) but think it would travel a lot further if I could sing as well.

Practising singing at home is a bit of a hurdle too. Very self conscious and daughter goes mad when I’m practising guitar, never mind belting out vocals :grin:

Probably need to approach training voice differently too. When learning guitar I knew nothing, but accepted I had to start from scratch, with singing it’s like - I’ve sung along to loads of stuff, why is this so hard… …need to start from scratch and properly learn.

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Sounding good Dave, steady strumming and I thought your singing was pretty good.
Looking forward to more from you in the future. Next time change your camera angle. I’d rather watch you play guitar than look up your nose. :smiley:

Great guitar playing. Good timing, strumming. Would have been nice to get the guitar in the video more :grinning:.

I know how you feel. I really struggle to sing and have only recently started trying to get better. My wife is an amazing singer (had coaching when younger) and kids are pretty good too.

A couple of months ago I couldn’t sing anywhere near in tune and still have miles to go. Research I did (and experience so far) is that yes, with deliberate practice you can get better. Not sure how far it can go though. I found this page helpful: I’d been stuck in the “pre-beginner trap” my whole life. Trying to at least get decent.

Agreed, I hope there were no nuggets. :face_vomiting:

I’m just getting set up with stand, laptop and mixer. Camera was last minute addition…
…just trying to desensitise the red light fever.

Thank you

Thanks JK, going to try and get some dedicated practice in :+1:

I’m trying to add vocals to the guitar parts I have been doing a while, throws everything off. The guitar parts will definitely need to be at auto pilot stage going forward…

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I thought your singing sounds solid already, in tune and in time with the strumming.

I bet with classes and practice you’d be a big hit at parties!

My daughter, when she was younger, liked to ride back and forth or her scooter.

Also, don’t know if you would find this too, but when I started recording myself singing, I was surprised at how much a difference singing into a microphone, as opposed to singing into my phone, made in how I sound.

Love some Oasis deep cuts. How about Don’t Look Back in Anger?
Great playing and singing. Keep it up :smiley:

Dave, you are making good progress, no roasting, grilling, or frying required. It all looked and sounded relaxed, smooth, and in the groove.

Speaking of fry … I’m another poor but willing singer who took up the challenge, and have worked through CL’s DYV course. It made a huge difference. I will see that as it progressed I converted it into a 12 module course rather that 12 weeks :laughing: A combination of my ability to learn and time to practice.

Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll rock those parties and Open Mics!

That was good stuff Dave, both vocally and playing wise.

I think people think that they don’t have a good voice and therefore hold back, which affects their singing and then they don’t think they have a good voice. It’s a bit of a catch 22.