First song I wrote - Fly Away

I wrote this song and is about something in my life , the song is called fly away ,and I am a bad singer and this is the first time I sang in 53 years in public and on top of it this is the only song I wrote in my life. So please give me pointers only on my song not my singing. May 13, 2023 - YouTube go down to the 2nd take on this.


Congrats and tip my hat to you producing an original song, Jeff.

My challenge was the balance between vocal and guitar. The vocal was really soft relative to guitar. I appreciate that you made the recording with a phone and don’t have too much control.

All I can suggest is that you try a different position for the phone, get it up higher to have greater proximity to your mouth. Try also to sing a little louder, perhaps play a little softer.

As it was, the playing sound sounded solid … steady rhythm, clean chords.

Depending on how far you have progressed in the learning of guitar, you could work on dynamics and variation. But difficult to comment on that without contribution of balanced vocals to the whole.

Anyhow, bravo, and keep on keeping on.


Thanks David I am on grade 2 module 13 and still working on song I wrote song a day ago and still working out kinks on playing it also was so nervous singing as I don’t sing .I started playing back last December.


Congratulations on becoming a songwriter! :sunglasses: I don’t have anything to add to David’s comments. I couldn’t really here the words very well, but you had a nice solid rhythm.

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Well done on your first song. I agree with DavidP’s comments.

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This is a work in progress and will try to get my singing louder and as far as a ding something to the rhythm I haven’t figured out yet but there will be a round 2 on this song soon.

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First off, massive respect and admiration for posting up your first ever original song :clap:

Second, nice consistent strumming and smooth chord changes :+1:

David has gave some great advice about being more dynamic with strumming, also the placement of your phone when recording to help with the vocals coming through.

Looking forward to seeing how round two sounds. Great work Jeff :v:

Thanks Chazo I was very nervous posting this song.

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Hi Jeff, I liked your chord progression, clean changes and well played for just a few months in. Congrats for your first song! Even if you are not satisfied yet, it is a very solid starting point to work on. The balance of vocals and playing could be optimized, but that’s not a big issue, I think. Be confident, dare to sing a little louder, don’t hold yourself back. Already curious how this song will develop over time!

Take two on original song flew away

Don’t say how bad I suck at singing .

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Great job Jeff, really like the progression of the song. Similar to what others were saying, I do feel like the balance could use some adjusting. I can’t really make out the lyrics to the song over the guitar.

One way to maybe mitigate that is getting a dedicated vocal mic, or even recording the guitar and vocals separately so that you can adjust the balance separately.

Overall though you sounded great. Kudos for making an original song!

That is so cool what you are doing and it really sounds great. Very impressive.
You are certainly not a bad singer. A headset, mic or something else to just get the right level between guitar and voice and you are golden. - Beautiful and very cool what you do!!! :+1: :+1: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :star_struck: :pray:

Alex I need to take the frog out of my thought to get words more clearer but will be working more on this. Thanks for the honest feedback

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Kimlodrodawa thanks the kind words mean a lot to me I have been putting some time into this song and still working to perfect it .

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Amazing stuff there. The song had a great melody. I have the same problem with guitar sound drowning my vocals. I think the solution is a microphone. I have one but mine sucks so need to buy a better one. Congratulations on writing a song. I’ve been chasing that dream of writing my own song for 25 years- someday. Thanks for sharing.


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Sdkissfan thanks I am working on this still so there will be a part three

Alex what would be a good mic for my irig hd2

Hey Jeff,

I use an audio technica AT2020 to record through a scarlet interface on my Mac, but I suspect that you are using a mobile device like an iPad/iPhone considering you’re using an irig HD 2?

I don’t have much experience with irig or recording with a mobile device, but my understanding is that they don’t do well with mics. Have you looked into the irig HD mic 2? it’s designed for mobile, and I’ve heard good things about it, though i haven’t used it myself.

I will look into that thanks

Hi J,

I love it. Nice chords. Nice pace. Nice strumming. I love the melody. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your singing either.

Just a thought, what I do myself…If you’ve a set of cheap wired headphones with a mic, stick them in your ears and the mic will hang by your mouth so you should automatically have a better balance of vocals and guitar.

Looking forward to more. Why has the world waited so long?