First time playing and singing (or close to it) from a Grade 2 guy

Thank you sir, I’m used to a mono world with just my speaking voice. All i can say is i was aware there are 3 sounds that need blending and my voice is the farthest away from the recording device (my phone) so the video angle is wide enough to get both hands on the guitar for the space I’m in. My Spark amp is either Bluetooth for the backing track or guitar into a DAW (I use Audacity) but not both so the video from the phone is the only way i can capture all 3 sources at once plus video. I have more fiddling to do.

I’ll solve all that on the next one. Just me and the guitar with Knocking on Heaven’s Door!

Thanks again for the feedback!…. Rod

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Yep just a phone in one corner and me in the opposite corner. The Spark Amp is outputting the song app track via Bluetooth and my guitar and the phone video is just picking it all up. I used the room because the mic on the phone needs all the help it can get!…Rod

Hi Rod,
I really enjoyed that, I don’t know the song but might give it a go now!
Also totally love your guitar :+1:t2:

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Hey Rod you’re progressing so well. You look and sound comfortable. Good job.

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Hey Rod, I echo what the others have said. First, you made me smile. :slight_smile: Second, it was amazing. I’ve been working on that song myself and plan for it to be one of my next AVoYP soon. The chord changes aren’t the easiest with that F in there so to chose it for your first time singing, and to put the entire package together as well as you did, is quite the accomplishment.

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Very kind thanks! The F chord seems to have a mind of its own every now and then it’s a mess but most times it gets there. That vocal part is really high and i have to think really hard to stay low or i get sucked into the falsetto and run out of pitch. Guitar is new enough but the singing thing is unexpected I’m just going for it. The more i do the better it seems. Won’t be a star but I’m having a blast and that’s the goal for me. Get it close and send it brother. Life’s too short to get it “ just right”:sunglasses:…Rod

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Thanks for the details on your setup, Rod.

Based on how well you are doing, I see more gear in your future to enable you to add a mic for the vocal and then explore options as to how produce a video with home studio audio quality along with the video quality you have.

Well done, you did a great job on that. It’s a really good song, and one I need to go back to.

Singing and playing was good, it is really hard to do both. And your voice really suited.


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Amen brother! That’s the attitude. :+1:

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I think it’s going to end up being a regular amp for recording so i can patch into my audio interface with both the guitar and mic and then synch that to video. I think for now I’ll just spend the time on the practice!:grinning:…Rod

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Absolutely, Rod, it’s for down the line. And when you do many of us use a video recording software called OBS. It allows one to provide video using either a webcam or a mobile phone via WiFi and the audio from an AI or even DAW.

Look forward to your next!

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Well done Rod the whole show was a real stoater, Nailed it man ! Hats off.

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Wow Rod, that was a great watch.

Very impressive setup first of all, and about the playing, you seem like you’re really enjoying it and playing comfortably and with confidence, which gives a great vibe.

The voice is great, really suits the song. One tip I’d give is learn to sing and play another song and then come back to this to see the improvement, the more songs you learn to do both at the same the more natural your strumming will become without noticing.

Cheers, keep em coming!