First use of pedals

Hello everyone,

I bought an amp simulator to play with my Scarlett 2i2. It’s called Neural DSP Cory Wong.

I have a clean tone right now and I’d like to play a little bit with the pedals to understand music better. In other words, having a starting point with pedals.

However, I’m a little bit lost with all those 25+ buttons and what they actually do.

As a first time user of pedals, what should I start with ? Is there some buttons that I should focus on ?



I would strongly recommend you looking at Justin’s series of talks on Pedals, where he describes what they do and signal chain order he uses.

Although you are going to be using virtual pedal sims their controls will be just like the physical unit, so these talks by Justin will really help you understand what it what and how to use them.

Have fun.




@TheMadman_tobyjenner Thank you Toby. It looks like a really good lesson. I will look into it :slight_smile:

I would start with exploring one pedal type at a time.

For instance, start with a drive pedal. Insert that, and explore the settings. For drive pedals the most important control is the gain, but you usually also have some sort of tone as well.

It looks like you have two types of drive to play with.

Justin’s videos should give you an idea of what each pedal type does.



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Good recommendations so far. I would only add that since these are amp sims, I would start with learning to approximate the tones of Marshall, Vox and Fender amps (for starters). Get to know what they sound like. These are the bedrock amp tones that great blues, rock and pop guitar were built upon. Between those three amp types the tone you are after will begin to emerge.

Don’t forget to wrap your ears around the pickup selector switches, tone and volume controls of your guitar(s). Personally I never play with volume and tone controls dime’d. If your guitar tone is set to “brittle” or “muddy”, it will be hard to dial in a good tone with pedals.

There are layers of tone to begin working with, it all starts with guitar to amp.