First video, just playing what came in my mind

Hi all,

So my first video. No cover of a song, first video just a little chord progression that I try to play as good as i can without looking at the fretboard.
Second video, doing a little solo improvisation on the first track.
(Ps, sorry for some awfull notes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, wish i could say I’ll never do it again, but no sorry :rofl:)
And recorded with my phone, don’t think this helps to have a good sound :sweat_smile:


Well done on posting your first video Cyril. It’s a great thing to do to get feedback.

You’re clearly having fun with your ‘what came in my mind’ chord progression.
My thought on that is that every song is simply a chord progression so why not play a song using those same chords. That way you’ll learn a song and improve your timing, rhythm and feel for the music.
I felt you were simply playing chords one after the other with no real purpose.

There are hundreds of great songs that use the chords and indeed the chord progression you were playing.


Well i was playing the same chords in order, Am, F , Dm, F, E and then back again. So should say that i was playing a chord progression that was in my mind :laughing:
And then the “solo”, yeah that was pure improvisation

Hi Cyril,

good on you posting your first video here. :slight_smile:

I’d echo what Gordon says, as these are quite common chords you could use to play along to backing tracks or original recordings as well, to a) learn songs and b) get into the groove and c) learn songs… :joy:

But of course there’s nothing wrong with having some fun, mucking around and making up own things to play with. Some addition: Was your guitar in tune for the recording? It sounded a little out of tune to my ears (also for the chord progression). It’s good to check that before practicing and recording. :slight_smile:

Good you played over a drum track to help you keep time. Also nice work on the impro. You’re using a looper to play over your progression, right? That’s cool stuff! :smiley:

Keep it going! :slight_smile:

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That’s a cool progression loop and solo over it Cyril, always good to mess around in parallel to the practice. You’ve got some nice licks in there in the solo recording, will be good to see what else you can give us :slight_smile:
Bravo :clap:

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Thanks, trying to progress everyday :muscle:t2:
Most important is to have some fun. I’m trying to get The Godfather theme now for fun. I’m affraid I’m becoming an addict to my guitar :laughing: luckily my wife doesn’t see how many hours I’m spending to play guitar in a day, otherwise they’re gonna send me to rehab :joy:

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Well done on the first recordings, Cyril.

Your chord work and strumming seemed fluent, clean. Certainly ready to learn some songs, perhaps play along with the originals. If you do that remember it is recommended to slow the tempo to learn wand work up to the original tempo.

I enjoyed your improv. Sweet tone on the guitar and amp you are using.

For future, I’d have liked the drums to be up a little louder so I could hear that with the guitar.

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I’m going to disagree with everyone else. Playing chord progression is a better way to practice chord changes and rhythm than the one minute change exercise. So well done.

As for your soloing. You need to work on bringing your bends up to pitch but your phasing and overall content of the solo what good.


It’s far beyond my skill level, so I just say: I enjoyed listening to it very much! :+1:
And your kids haven’t thrown any toys at you, that’s additional evidence that it was good :smile:

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Get addicted to that guitar, it’s not cigarettes! That’s the way.

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Yeah I’ve the Boss RC10-R looper. Funny thing for practicing, a metronome would be boring after a while :sweat_smile:
Yeah guitar was in tune, don’t know if its because i recorded it with my phone that the sound quality isn’t so good. Will have a lot to practice recording stuff :laughing: trying to find out what’s the best option to record what I’m playing.

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Congratulations on your first video post.
Cool little progression. Good fun to be had, and its often at those times we can discover things.
Not an easy progression to solo over when starting out, but you gave it a good shot. Perhaps limit yourself to one area/ pattern, and get the feel for the sound of the chords. But, you were just havin some fun, so keep going with that.

And you’ve cleverly, perhaps inadertently, slipped in that borrowed E major from parallel key of A major to give that cool little turnaround.
All the best.

Cheers, Shane

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I agree with @stitch there Cyril…
Playing chord progressions like that is brilliant for practise. I like to explore like that my self and throw in licks or solos here and there.

To me that sounded like a cool piece of music. Music should not be put into boxes or frames, so continue doing what you are doing, pretty sure Keith Richards played around the same way on his guitar back in the day and stumbled over something cool….
Bending wise you need to get them a little closer to pitch. But overall i found this very good…
Keep up the good work Cyril…


Hi Cyril,
Congratulations on your first video :partying_face: :sunglasses:… that’s a big thing…

I started playing and recording random chord processions quite quickly with a looper 3 years ago (…and also well-known songs…) when I came here , and I also often when i have new chords to learn I put them in more then 2 chords progressions … and if it is neatly on the looper, I still play solos over it to this day :smiley:

I even posted some(?) a long time ago and maybe I have to do that again, but now with better playing quality :sweat_smile: … unfortunately only with telephone recording

Greetings and have fun,

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Nice job. Certainly ready to put that talent to work.

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Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting Cyril.

All sounding good there. Nice progression and improv.

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