First Video - When The Sun Goes Down

Starting out with recording videos is harsh!
I don’t sound anywhere near as fluent/rhythmic/musical as I do in my head - but I’m sure it’s also a great learning tool.
I find singing and playing particularly difficult.
I’m a 62 year-old novice and have been learning with Justin for about 3 years.
All comments welcome - they won’t be worse than what I think myself!
Wasn’t sure my link below is the correct way to paste in the video; someone please let me know if it works.


Unable to do anything with the link. Is it only possible to listen if having an Iphone, Ipad or Apple something, MAC etc? Or should it be accessible for all? I am on a windows PC.

I could watch it just fine. This was actually pretty good Dave. The intro with all the extended chords is definitely intermediate level, but you nailed it. Don’t be too harsh on yourself, well done.

I’m on an iPad and I can’t find any other way to paste a link to the video - but thanks for trying to watch it.

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Thanks for the encouragement Jeff. Much appreciated.

Welcome back, @MyDogsGotNoNose !

You did a great job with that one Dave. Some great playing and nice singing. Your moves up and down the fretboard were good too.

I had to download the video as I don’t have an Apple account but I got to watch it, as I thought it was going to be a no go and then I’d have missed out on this.

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Thnx to Stefan, I figured out to download it and had a listen. - Had a listen also to the official Arctic Monkey, which is new to me. - I think you nailed it pretty darn good. An extra mic for your voice would have been extra cool, but still, your voice and transferring of the feeling and emotion from the lyrics and story (Video on their official YT), still was able to get through. Very nice played on the guitar also. - All in all an awesome performance :+1: :sunglasses: :pray:

Thanks very much for your very generous comments - much appreciated.
I think you’re right, I’ll splash out on a proper mic for future recordings and check the balance of guitar and voice.
Thanks again for encouraging me.

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Thanks very much for the encouraging comment. I must try to find out how to paste a video properly if I do any more.

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