Fitting chords, riffs and solos together

I’m trying to understand how chord progressions, riffs and solos fit together e.g. (in particular) where and how the riff in Tore up a Sidestep would/could be used.
Is it played over (in my case) a 12 bar blues chord progression just like the solo is in the Beginner Blues Solo lesson ?
Could it form the backing track/chord progression over which the solo is played Indeed, would/could it be played over a chord progression with the solo in turn played over the top of both of them ?
Hopefully this makes sense to someone who can then shed some light on it for me.

Hi, This is a good question. Have a listen to this:

You can hear the riff (or maybe a similar one) forming the backbone of the rhythm. My ears aren’t great, so I can’t tell if it’s a guitar, bass or piano playing the riff, but it’s there. Additionally, I think I also hear some more normal guitar chords fleshing out the rhythm. And, of course, Freddie King’s lead guitar licks are laid over the top of it all.

There are some live performances of I’m Tore Down on youtube (King, Clapton) where you can see multiple guitars playing.

Hi John,
Thanks for the response. It has indeed helped me understand where and how this type of piece can be used.