Fixed verses growth mindset

Found this on a government health social media posting and thought it might give some here encouragement. When it all seems a bit hard, whether at the beginning or just on a new song / technique, keep in mind the growth mindset


It’s a good framework for thinking. My kid’s school is pretty big with this kind of stuff, they seem to talk about it every year.



As do we, JK :grin: At risk of poor form, I can reference my own reflections on this topic in my Learning Log: DavidP's Learning Log - #25 by DavidP


I like this❤️ and saved it for a good reminder. Thanks.

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There’s nothing “Fixed” about that mindset, it is clearly broken.


This reminds me of my teacher in Wing Chun (self defense martial art): Whenever I said “I can’t do this” he replied with “yet” and looked at me until I said “I can’t do this yet” - and then he’d remind me to simply keep practicing.

Now, could somebody please remind me of this when I get frustrated that I can’t get that C chord right … I mean, I can’t get it right yet? :joy:


With pleasure, Sarah. I’m a big fan of that ‘yet’ … make frequent use of it. I try make the sentence positive … I’ve not yet got the C chord right.


Inspiring, thanks for sharing

Still negative :thinking:
Try “I’m on the way to getting it right” :smiley:

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This is worth thinking about, Brian.

My understanding is that the brain doesn’t process ‘not’ very well. For example, how often if you say to yourself ‘Do not forget to buy bread and milk on the way home’ and find yourself walking in the front door having forgotten, rather than remembered. Or telling a child not to touch the fragile ornament and shortly after…crash. Whereas telling the child to keep the hands off is more effective.

So applying that, the use of ‘not yet’ works OK for me in terms of being processed as something will still get right.

But hey oh, I am not a neuroscientist so may be way off track in this being an effective use of ‘yet’

Of course your suggestion is a good pattern.

Haha, I was about to send you a pm, so as not to clog the post with ridiculous semantics, when I realised semantics is precisely what this post is about :rofl:

Sounds plausible to me

Yup. You’ve avoided the negative ‘not’. That’s what I was suggesting with my post above. Get rid of the word not in your sentence.

Is a negative statement

Aw, man! Now I’ve lost count of how many angels were dancing on the head of that pin and have to start over :roll_eyes:
Maybe I’ll just go back to trying to get that C chord sorted :wink:
Your Mierenneuker, etc.


How about this:

One day I’ll get the C chord right.

(I’ve kept several expletives out of that sentence that I grumbled very loudly yesterday - but I kept remembering this conversation so… One day! One day I’ll get it just right!)

thinking of the only fools and horses line… “this time next year we’ll be millionaires”

How about… tomorrow I will get the C chord right… and just keep saying that until the sentence becomes… today I got the C chord right.

Ah, I’m someone who doesn’t do well with too much pressure (and as I’m a perfectionist the pressure comes from myself, which is really not the best thing). How about: Someday soon, I’ll get the C chord right, it might even be today.

Without the expletives of course :wink:

How much practice time do you waste talking about it instead of playing? :roll_eyes:…come on …play :sunglasses:

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