Floydish jam

Hi All

I have been jamming to a variety of youtube backing tracks and found my new favourite recently. I have added links below, including one to the backing track. I dont expect anyone to listen to the full track as it is over 7 minutes long, so i have included a shorter edit. Apologies for any bum notes, still getting used to my new guitar



Listen to Floydish solo in A Edit.mp3 by Ross on #SoundCloud

Listen to Floydish solo in A full length.mp3 by Ross on #SoundCloud

backing track: https://youtu.be/Rb4y-hLc6Z0?si=PTa1JKZZpgKotQ9z


I really like the idea of playing in the style of someone a lot more than playing something from someone note for note. Hats off for that, I think. I wasn’t able to pick up much in the way of David Gilmour-ish tone or style – and that’s OK because you didn’t spell that out as a goal.

That said, you had some nice phrases in there and left plenty of space at times. A lot to like and build on here.

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@CT Hi Clint. Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment, always appreciated. I struggle to learn other people’s solos, more so with fast ones, so definitely not trying to emulate Mr Gilmour lol. Whenever i jam it is just me jamming and maybe trying some different licks. This time it was to a Pink Floyd style backing track, but i like to try different styles just to see what comes out.

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Great stuff Ross - lots of rhythmic variation, playing all over the neck, judicious use of repetition, tasty phrasing - ticking all the improvisation boxes there!

One other thing you could add to your box of tricks if you want is a few semitone bends. For example when Am goes to F you could do a half step bend from fret 5 to 6 on the B string and hold the ‘F’ with some juicy vibrato.


@twistor59 Hi Phil. Thanks for listening and for the lovely comments, much appreciated. I love learning new things and trying them out so will definitely try the semitone bends

Sounded great, Ross, most enjoyable

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@DavidP Thanks David

Listening to the long track, as I don’t do these 2 minute tik tok cut n runs. Lots to like here. I’ve been evolving a Gilmoresque solo and adding a little more grit. So I can see where you are coming from and there is lots of a DG vibe going on here, despite what Clint alludes to. Take a flavour and add a spice or two, that the Tisher motive and you’ve done that here, so surprised he doesn’t recognise his own style of adaptation. Enjoyed this immensely.

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David Gilmour’s playing style and tone are well known and there are a number of great lessons out there. I used this lesson as the basis of my own exploration: How to sound like David Gilmour from Pink Floyd - Lead Guitar Lesson

My Take: gilmour or less

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@TheMadman_tobyjenner Hi Toby. Many thanks for listening to the long version and for the great comments. Much appreciated

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Very nice improvisation, good sound! Congratulations on your new guitar.


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Hi Ross,
That was pleasant to listen to and I do recognize the David Gilmore vibe in it :sunglasses: :clap:, with the small adjustments that Phil gives as an option you have a wonderful song in the pocket,

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@MikeSebastianP Hi Mikhail. Thanks for having a listen and for commenting. I’m sure i will enjoy

@roger_holland Hi Rogier. Many thanks for taking the time to listen, and for the great comments

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Very nice and melodic, I enjoyed it.

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@Boris1565 Hi Boris. Thanks for the listen and the comment

I can honestly say that there is a great angry tone and good guitar playing. :+1:
I listened with pleasure :clap:

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@crocodile1 Thanks for listening Leonid, and thanks for the great comments