Flying drones - video footage & chat etc

@Rossco01 Lovely scenery and great cinematography Jason! Looks like a beautiful day to be flying. Yes we have so many restrictions too it really impacts where you can ‘officially’ go. There’s one guy locally on Instagram who flies all sorts of places that don’t look like places he can legally fly, but I prefer being able to relax, and not looking over my shoulder, so I generally just go flying on private property.

Yep Mari it’s a bit restrictive and I’m also very cautious of flying over too much forestry just in case I lose the signal…the drone has return home but you never know. In theory we cannot fly within 50 metres of anything! I do live in a forestry area so will be looking for other spots to fly from in the spring/summer.

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Hello Mari,
I’m waiting… :sunglasses:…although I’m afraid the drone will freeze over there… :grimacing:

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Looks like a nice place to fly Jason, I occasionally get to do a bit on the river Severn near Stourport, it’s quite nice down by the Marina.

Still too cold for me to fly Rogier. It’s getting closer to zero but then when the temps go up it snows!

It’s nice that it’s less (ridiculously) cold,…but when it snows, it only gets more beautiful, I would say after the snow, then immediately go outside,…you would say here in the Netherlands…5 minutes of snow, and it really goes off, then an hour is already a lot of snow ,
at least you live in a very beautiful area, I am impressed by so much beauty…

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Yes it’s a lovely area we live in. Monmouth is about 25 minutes from me but I literally live in the middle of Forest of Dean.

Ooo, another lucky one,… a few more years of savings and we will also go into a big green environment… :sunglasses: :deciduous_tree: :evergreen_tree:

“Yes it’s a lovely area we live in. Monmouth is about 25 minutes from me but I literally live in the middle of Forest of Dean”

Yes of course any forest named after me would be
a lovely area. And my father’s ancestry leads back to Wales.
Nice work with the aerial video BTW.

Looks good @DarrellW I’d already bought mine before the new regulations so I’ll just live with it. Footage looks good particularly on the first one. I’m pleased with mine…no issues (crossed fingers) so far…I bought direct from China and it was not that expensive for a full gimbal and 4K.

Another one from me which was taken on the Devon coast (even has me in it)…I remember having to really fight the wind on this one when it returned.


Mari “but here’s a video I made in the fall.”

That looks like the kind of country I could live in, beautiful, remote
with few inhabitants. Nice job with the video and music Mari.

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Nice one :sunglasses:
And the music is a great example of this…great lesson in many ways…every day I practice this for a while…

Using 3rds (tracks & ideas by Richard_close2u)

It helps a lot to be comfortable with your drone in case the return to home fails. I have the DJI Air2s and was flying it off the coast, pressed the return to home button and it started, then aborted telling me it was too windy for return to home. I briefly felt my anxiety surge but was able to pilot it home fairly easily once I calmed down.

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I know what you mean! I’m definitely cautious flying over forestry/water. Mine doesn’t have a tremendous range (just over 1km) but it’s far enough for me…always get nervous when it loses connection with the phone and you have to wait for it to reconnect!


I wish I had a drone when we lived in the country, then it would have been step out the door and fly. Now it’s either half an hour to my club’s flying field, or an hour to my family’s camp where the surroundings are gorgeous. I’m waiting for it to be nice enough to fly for hopefully an hour (all my batteries), or at least 40 minutes, to make the drive worthwhile!

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@woodroe thanks, I love flying my drone, and I kind of like the editing process too. We moved back from BC to Northwestern Ontario 25 years ago because we love this part of the country.

A ‘tremendous range’ shouldn’t really be required when legal flying (here) is VLOS (visual line of sight). That’s probably not much more than 1,000 feet. That said, DJI says the MA2 range is 18.5 km (that would be one way though). I’ve flown mine out just over a mile (private property, and not over any houses / people etc), but generally I stay much closer to home. Keeps the stress down!

When I bought mine 2-3 years ago for my type of drone generally distance was around the 1-1.5km range and similarly rules here line of sight (although no way you can see it 1km away)…most similar drones built in the last 2 years are now 5-8km. These are the smaller drones rather than the larger ones. So mine will fly about 1km out and back…or around 15-18mins flying time per battery (I have three).

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O, now I understand. That is a pity no drone at the time, but then they did not exist for us ordinary citizens,…we’ll have to make do with you playing in the garden shots with a regular ground-dwelling camera when it comes to nature shots :grinning:

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I fly fixed wing RC aircraft IC and electric…Mainly electric these days due to noise restrictions at my local field.
It’s good to see that you guys seem to be in touch with your national requirements for safe operation…As an ex examiner for the British model flying association I can tell you from experience that there are a lot of people who havnt a clue about safe operational requirements…Unfortunately they are the ones who get all the negative publicity when things go wrong. Keep up the good work and happy flying😊