Flying_V's Learning Log


I recently dusted off my acoustic guitar and have decided to commit to learning to play it. I tried taking lessons a few years back but didn’t click with the instructors. I think it takes a teacher with a special skillset to patiently engage the neural networks of older players. So sadly, I put the guitar in the closet. I joined the Justin Guitar on January 3, 2022, and loved the initial online classes.

I have lived in Houston, Texas for 40 years. I noticed that there are quite a few JG members from Houston, Missouri City and the surrounding area. I am a more seasoned player (I turned 62 in January). Maybe after I get a few months of practice in, I’ll be brave enough to reach out and meet some other players in person.

I’m thrilled to be part of this community and look forward to learning and participating.

As far as my guitar “collection”, I still have the first guitar I purchased back in 2003 or so - an Alvarez RD20s

and I recently purchased a smaller Martin 000CJr-10e. I really enjoy the size of this one and it makes me happy to play it.


This was my first AVOYP on March 22, 2022, about 3 months into my Justin Guitar Journey - Three Little Birds

Wish you well with the learning, participation, and connecting, Victor. Love the pictures of your guitars.

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I had that same Alvarez guitar as my first guitar I bought. It was good - low action. I’m finding small guitars have their benefits - less boomy.

I do like that my Martin is a bit quieter when I am playing in my “studio”. But, I can also plug a Fender Mustang Micro into the jack and play as loud as I want with some cool effects.

That’s cool. Sounds like you’re having fun. Keep pecking or plucking away :grinning:

Great stuff, welcome to the community. A few months after i started learning / playing, a friend recommended a nearby music club and that really helped a lot, they were all very welcoming and encouraging.

Hi Victor. Welcome. Nice guitars and Three Little Birds sounds very good.

You got my attention with your nickname. Was expecting a flying V collection in your arsenal haha!

But you have two very nice guitars. Also a great cover of Three Little Birds! I still find it fascinating how people can play and sing at the same time so early on their guitar journey. Quite a few years down the line, I still cannot do it.

Keep playing and having fun sir!