Focusrite and the app

I have an issue
I usually play using focusrite on my Mac ( mac mini m1 )
But the app gets no sounds at all from my guitar when i tried it
I hear the sound in my earphones but the app get nothing …
whats happening ?

Can you provide a little more detail? Which app are you using? Where are your headphones plugged in- assume the Focusrite. Also, which Focusrite model do you use? Does the Focusrite appear under System Settings → Sound → Output and Input?

My guess is that you have to have the app’s input set to the Focusrite, assuming it is recognized by your Mac…


If you’re referring to Justin’s Guitar Lessons and Songs, the Apple website description says it is not optimized for the Apple Mac. But if the computer recognizes the Focusrite Scarlett device, you should be able to make it work via System Settings.

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i tried everything …

its a scarlet solo 3rd gen
guitar on the scarlett , scarlett to computer
works like a charm on yousician or on airplay to my radio device
but the justin app do not get a sound of it :confused:
the scarlett is put in input and output nothing works
so i dont get what’s not working , its normally to best way to play on a app , so the mic gets the notes right

Still need to be a little more specific…

right now, you have

Guitar into focusrite ?
focusrite to where, PC, AMP , other?
The app (what is this device) and where is it going (port)

Also , please attach pic of focusrite control

PS, :wave: Welcome to the forum by the way, please,Introduce yourself to all.

ad i said , the guitar is plugged in the focusrite and the focusrite is plugged to the mac via usb
i get the sound right in the earphones and it works fine on yousician
but the justin app gets no sound at all so its weird
the justin app is used on the app store directly on my mac mini M1 chip
i dont use anything else but the computer , no other device
thats what i like about this computer , you can use apps without an iphone

i granted access to the microphone to the justin app …

I dont understand why yousician works fine but not the justin app
and the justin app doesn t have any settings so its hard to understand where the problem is and how to resolve it

I’m just guessing here, but the Justin Guitar app is optimised for iPhone and iPad. The M1-chip does allow to install (certain) mobile apps on your Mac, but it comes with a warning: there’s no guarantee that it will be completely functional. The app being made for use with mobile devices and microphone input, it might well be the case that it’s not possible to input sound any other way than through the microphone of your Mac. But, well, I’m no expert, so I might be wrong :upside_down_face:

@MusopiaApps Just wondering if the app folks can shed any light on this problem, offer solutions or confirm app functionality on Mac, as per @MacOneill set up ?

it might be it …
its a pity cause the direct sound makes less errors when playing
on my tablet , the app has real problems to hear the notes

its weird though that it works with yousician which is more like a game and not on the justin app
its tough luck

Hi All,

The app is not configured to allow audio interface devices at this time and therefore will not register sound on the interactive exercises and for tuning.

We’re sorry this is not available but we’ve taken this onboard as feedback and hopefully, we can introduce this feature to the app soon! :slight_smile:


thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the prompt response. It does not solve Mac’s problems but at least it explains why the set up was not working. :sunglasses:

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initially I thought you could use something like Audio Hijack to reroute the input from the Scarlett to the app but it looks like it doesn’t accept any inputs… most likely as it is an iPad app.