Mic Sensitivity Issues

I unfortunately posted this post somewhere else within the community so my apologies for that.

Has anyone had any issues with the mic sensitivity on the JustinGuitar app? It happened to me whilst trying to tune the guitar using the built-in tuner. I plucked each string and it just didn’t register me doing so.

I’ve used tuners on other apps without any issues (Fender, Yousician etc) but for some reason, it doesn’t seem as good on the JG app. I have to exit the app, go and use another app to tune and then come back to the lesson. Because of this, I can’t complete the ‘Tuning a guitar’ lesson from Justin as it just doesn’t work, unfortunately.

Also, another issue (but something that isn’t really a big deal) is whenever I start a video lesson with Justin, his voice is out-of-sync with his mouth.


hi , i had the same issue , but it looks like the app can’t hear you if you use a daw ( like me a focusrite )

this is the answer i got



Hi All,

The app is not configured to allow audio interface devices at this time and therefore will not register sound on the interactive exercises and for tuning.

We’re sorry this is not available but we’ve taken this onboard as feedback and hopefully, we can introduce this feature to the app soon! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the reply. Although I’m not using a DAW, I do use AirPods whilst learning, so maybe the app classes those as a similar type of device as a DAW.

Gari a DAW is not a device it is recording software - Digital Audio Workstation. I think folks are getting confused between this and Audio Interface, as referenced in Musopias reply. For example the Focusrite is an Audio Interface not a DAW.

Ah, gotcha! Thanks for the clarification as I was confused by Musopia’s reply as they made it sound like it was something totally different. Thank again.