Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 - using as a Vox mixer

An I/O question about using the Scarlett, using it as a basic ‘pseudo’ 2 I/P mixing desk.

Scenario: 2 x Vox, and acoustic guitar(s) ‘unplugged’, for a small gathering … :hear_no_evil:

I want to plug in 2 x Vox Mics (type not that important, here) into the Scarlett and take the Line Out signal(s) and plug into my BOSS (Acoustic Singer Amp) Mic input. The Boss Mic input has a 1/4" Jack/ XLR input; similar to the Scarlett I/P.

KISS … in the garden … so no Laptop or DAW will be harmed in this mission … :upside_down_face:

Would a splitter cable achieve this please, maybe 2 x Jack to single XLR Male splitter ?
Not many £s involved therefore I could just go ahead and buy on Amazon Prime to try out (sale/return); but wondered if anyone might have tried this already.

I got the 18i20 version of the Scarlett. But assuming the software (Focusrite control) is similar, then you can set the outputs to mono and it splits into two mono mixes. (Should stay like that even if disconnected from the computer)

Then you should be able to go from the mono jack output (interface set up to send both inputs there in software, details below) to the mono jack input (amp).

(I’d go jack to jack if you got the option. Normally that’s the way to go with line signals afaik. You could also go with Jack to XLR, but it wouldn’t be better or necessary)

PS: If it’s the same software here more step by-step:

  1. Set the Outputs to mono
  2. Select Custom Mix (or Analogue Input 1-2*)
  3. Add Input 1+2 separately there
    (or 1-2 input*)
  4. Optional: I would setup both outputs sending the same, then it won’t matter which one you connect. You could even connect the other output to another amp :stuck_out_tongue:
  5. When you then need to use the interface with the computer again you can set it back to stereo and DAW playback if needed

*Shouldn’t matter much as 2 mono in or a stereo in should sound the same folded back to 1 mono output

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I don’t believe it is.

As I understand it, the 18i20 has a built in digital mix matrix and has a mixer control application to allow you to configure it.

The 2i2 doesn’t have this. It is a much simpler device.

I believe you could make this work on the 2i2 by connecting the monitor output from the 2i2 to the amp and setting the monitor setting switch to “mono”.

You’ll need something to power it.




Ok, you’re right, bummer. Thx for clarifying.

I found this to verify;

To confirm - the ‘bus-powered’ Scarletts (the Solo, 2i2 and 2i4) do not work standalone, they must be connected to a computer. The larger 6i6, 18i8 and 18i20 however can be configured to work without a computer.

Jack // Focusrite Technical Support

But if you got a laptop anyway, probably the easiest way would then sadly be to have a laptop as the power source and use either daw or the software to route the sound as described.


Hmm, I think if you were doing this and wanted it to sound good you’d run it through a DAW to mix. The 2i2 needs the computer, and I’ve found it’s direct monitoring sounds pretty weak, for whatever reason running through a DAW sounds better.

(I have a 2i2).

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