Follow the course using a Guitalele when travelling?

Hi folks,
I have been proceeding with my plan of learning the harmonica then the ukulele and now the guitar. I am following Justin’s beginner course and I am up to module 6 in grade 1. At the end of October we will fly south and will be away for 3 1/2 months. I use an acoustic Enya travel guitar but it is still too big for me to simply put in a large suitcase when flying south. What do folks think about buying a Guitalele (aka Guitarlele) and using it to follow the courses while I am away. I understand it is tuned as if you had a capo on the 5th fret. Could I still successfully follow Justin’s course (with possibly a bit of transposing as needed)? Thanks for any and all replies.

You will need to transpose everything. Like you said it’s tuned 5 semitones higher. It is possible once you learn that when playing a G chord your actually playing a C chord, an E chord is an A and so on.
Other than that all the chord shapes are the some just the names are different.