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I tried playing the song along with Spotify but the chords provided didn’t match the backing track. Then I saw in JustinGuitar Tabs that it shows a capo on the first fret, which brought me into tune.

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I love Keb Mo’s version. (It’s in G if you want to play along.)

Keb’ Mo’ - Folsom Prison Blues - Tribute to Johnny Cash Keb' Mo' - Folsom Prison Blues - Tribute to Johnny Cash - YouTube


Thanks for sharing that. It sounds great on a resonator guitar. I noticed he is wearing metal picks on all fingers. I’ve dabbled in finger style but hate having long nails so I think I’m going to invest in some metal picks and give that a try.

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Hi @Frankendoodledorf and welcome to the community.
That capo is such a good friend - thanks for the pointer / reminder here.
Richard :slight_smile:

This and a few others where the music sheet is a greater difference that chords used in the video. I get adding all the leads and other details to the music sheet but chords and rhythms are different. I also understand sometimes video he simplifies it a bit but having completely different chords used is confusing. Hurt song is the same way. Unless the chord names is a reference and I don’t play the entire chord only notes in the score. Maybe it’s me and sometimes I cant link the video to the sheet and I need a closer look.