Folsom Prison Blues - new guitar day!

Some of you may remember that a year or so ago I bought one of the new Johnny Cash signature edition guitars by Martin. I ended up returning it for a different guitar and have kind of regretted it ever since. Well, my family gave me a new one as an early birthday present. It actually was a joint gift from my wife/kids, parents, and in-laws. Such a wonderful surprise and I’m loving it this time around. I love the way it sounds plugged in too. I hope you like my first cover with it!


Tosh man I was just about to get some zeds and saw this, had to stop and listen !
The JCM looks really cool in that finish, sounds darned good in your hands and your sublime Cash like vox. Good share sir !



What a perfect christening for that beautiful new guitar - wow! Love the sound on it, not surprising that a JC signature guitar has such a great tone for JC. And your guitar skills have certainly expanded since I first heard you - it’s wonderful to be able to play the sound of your favorite artists. Great song, great cover. And great birthday present!! (Happy early birthday :birthday:)

Man, that sounded great Tosh. Love the sound of that Martin and your singing & playing had the Johny Cash vibe. :+1:

Clicked as soon as saw Folsom Prison and the video thumbnail of that black Martin. Nicely done, Tosh.

Very much so, well done. Keep them coming

Wow this guitar was truly made for this song, well done Tosh great way to kick off 2022!

Nice! Well done sir. The whistling pricked my ears a bit, but that’s probably just me. I had a neighbor that whistled every second of every day that he went outside, show tunes for crying out loud. Thank goodness he didn’t play harmonica. The alternating bass lines were killer – you own this song now! Nicely done.

Never thought of whisteling for the solo. Brilliant idea. Well done mate.

Tosh and his new guitar in the pocket ye haaaaaa

Delighted the wheel turned and you now have that guitar, Tosh, just so right. And here’s wishing you an early “many many happy returns”.

Loved the groove of your playing with the muted bass and a vocal that is just spot on.

Look forward to many more down the line.

That was great. I got a notification summary of posts, saying what your post was and I was “in” quick on the draw. Nice guitar, nice tone and perfect for that alt bass line pickin. You seem to have that down really well. Good playing and the vox was great too. The whistle was was ok, maybe a note here and there not on the money. But I think if you listen to it you will learn how to record it better. You got a lot of wind noise when whistling into the mic. Yet if you turned a bit from an on axis frontal assault, you can hear the wind knock off and it sounds great. So next time you want to record your whistle go over the top of the mic with it, or off to one side… At least experiment a bit and it will improve a great deal.

All the rock’n best in 22’ and if you are up to more Cash, I am here to listen!

Thanks for the whole responses, LBro, but especially the whistling tips. I thought it came out decent, but see your point that it was a little harsh. I’ll try your tactic next time.

Thanks David. Happy Nee Year!

Great stuff Tosh. Between your voice and your playing you can really nail those JC songs. Terrific bass line boom chukka vibe.

My only other comment would be I don’t think the whistle added anything to your version. But of course that’s only my opinion. Perhaps it’s because I don’t associate JC with whistling. (I’m now standing by to be bombarded with YouTube links to him whistling :joy:).

I remember you saying way back you’d swapped the JC Martin. What’s made the difference this time?

Thanks, Gordon. As you may have noticed, a few others also commented in this thread that the whistling wasn’t the best. Perhaps I may try building in the solo on electric guitar on my next take (even if a different song). Luther Perkins was the electric guitar player, and had a great style, but most of his solos are doable for me as they’re not overly complex. Building them into the video portion is what I haven’t figure out how to do. That’d be cool if I could switch the video to the electric guitar part during the solo, then switch back to the acoustic/singing part.

Really enjoyed that Tosh. You and your guitar definitely did the song justice and I was equally impressed by the Travis picking. Well done :+1:

Excellent Tosh, definitely in your comfort zone! Wow that Martin really sings, it’s a beaut!
Keep them coming :+1:

The whistles did come out decent and that skill is far better than on this end. I was more suggesting possibly those recording tips might make it even better!

All the best,

Nicely done Tosh. As soon as I saw the title, Folsom City Blues, I had to hear it. It’s in nth position on the list of songs I want to do but possibly might never reach as that list is so long. Yours is a worthy cover, sir! played and sung well and both very reminiscent of the man in black.