For the app, increase options in the chord filter function?

Would it be possible to add in more options for filtering by chords- to add in selections for power chords, 7th chords, and whatever other chord types that I haven’t even learned yet? Or have the search bar able to search on chord names? I was looking for songs with 5th and 7th chords today and I had to just scroll. It isn’t terrible to scroll, but it is more time consuming than being able to query.


I agree :slightly_smiling_face: That would be a great feature. Any chance to get it @MusopiaApps ?

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@artax_2 @JokuMuu

Thanks for getting in touch and for the suggestions!

We’ve added this to our feature request board and we will be discussing adding more filters to the app very soon, so hopefully we can introduce this to the app! :slight_smile:


On a related note, it would also be really nice to have a “must have [X chord]” filter to layer on top of the chords you exclude to let you search for songs that have a chord you specifically want to practice. For example, still filtering out/excluding B/Bm if you haven’t learned them, but search results showing only songs that contain Dm, for instance.