For The Children - Original

I find myself hopping between songs and rarely having the patience or courage to take a song to where I think it’s finished. Anyway. Another new one. This time about watching my children grow up, as a parent with acute head spagetti. They’re as much my carers as I should be of them.

Formed from an echo in the dark,
From the silence between the stars.
Filled with beats of angels wings.
Carrying you straight into my heart

Now I watch you fly, like a bird upon the wing.
Only stopping for to sing, your songs to me.
Each note a spark, of celestial art,
Tapestry of dreams, that my night conceives.

Your Innocence weaves melodies
Silent symphonies in my heart
Youre smile, oh your smile is a rising sun
When my night is done and a new day starts

And I’m coming through,
I’ll be there for you if you call my name
It’s a long way down from the highs that you give.
But i’ll rise, I’ll rise yeah I’ll rise.

it’s day to day living can wear you down.
When they’re writing your story, You’ll be wearn the crown
Surrender your fear and cling to your joy.
If you’re fighting a war I’ll be turnin’ up to fight.


Interesting song, Dom, quite a different vibe and feel.

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That’s another thing I noticed this morning. I’m hopping between genres without finding a home or a sound. Maybe we don’t need one.

That’s an interesting question, Dom. For us hobbyists I’d lean towards there being no reason not to go wherever the muse takes you. Maybe in time you mind find some sound and style developing. There are also artists that record in a variety of styles, like Neil Young, who just follows his muse, without too much concern for commercial considerations.

If the song enables the thoughts and feelings you want to express, then all good regardless.

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I like that. Why only eat from one menu?!


Brilliant Dom. Another absolute belter of a song. Different from some of your previous ones but as you say why not change the menu every now and then. This song will resonate with anyone watching their children grow and it certainly did with me as I watch my own son and daughter grow up. Beautiful stuff Dom!

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Superb song: the melody, the lyric, the accompaniment; really like the whistle too. Emotive and memorable. Excellent!


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Hi Dom,
I really enjoyed that. Sounded great, very emotionally charged. Kids, what a roller coaster of a ride.
Best wishes Alan.

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What a great tune, Dom!

Unexpected after the first seconds, but after getting kind of used to the echo/delay-voice layering, it develops a great mood and a vibe of its own. Love the melody line in the chorus. :clap:

I thoroughly enjoyed the listen! :slight_smile:

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Great stuff!
Nice production, sounded great!

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Wow, that really grabbed me, Dom! Loved it! Despite not being a parent, the lyrics, theme and journey still resonated. Also the delicate phrasing, dynamics and layering were beautifully done, as was the slight build towards the end which dragged me in, mesmerising stuff! Brilliant :clap: :smiley:

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Very melodic! You have a great voice and clearly the production is top notch. Original songs are always personal and come from your musical soul…

One thing that struck me is that this is a very vocal forward song, with layering and harmonies. Well done.

From an instrumentation standpoint, could you add some fills or perhaps a “hook” that repeats in the song. It could be the thing that pulls the listener in as a backdrop to your vocals. Just a thought…


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Wow, Dom, really well done IMHO. For me, great light and shade, the less is more guitar approach was beautiful and delicate and I loved the vocal and vocal delay (if that’s the correct word). Very thought provoking and somewhat mesmerising. :+1:. I’d happily have this in my phone music :+1:

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Goodness, second original I’m listening to this morning and it just keeps getting better!
This is by far the best of your offerings in my book, Dom :smiley:
All originals are special, but when you’re able to articulate personal stuff that’s important to you, that’s next level songwriting.
You and your kids will be revisiting this over many years…
Musically, it ticked all my boxes. It had a very Paul Simon feel to it with thoughtful guitar, gentle melody and even ‘funkely’ harmonies
I am a sucker for harmonies, especially when they come in at different times to the main vocal and if they have their own lyrics/melody… swoon!
You wrote and performed a winner and keeper here, my man.
Wow! :sunglasses:

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Hi Dom, this is just sooo beautiful! The guitar sounds just so sweet and accompany just perfectly the very beautiful lyrics…I loved the vocals as well, and the whistling! Thanks for this wonderful piece of music, I much enjoyed the listening!

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Thanks very much Eddie

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I’ve thought about the fill, flourishes and hooks. I think you’re right but I’ve often spent 4 times longer on that part without ever being satisfied with my efforts and it takes from the enjoyment ultimately.

I’ll drag in a collaborator with more skill than I to lend a hand there I think

Very very kind Brian

Thank you Silvia

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Thanks for picking up on what I was trying to put down. Means a great deal to have a language understood

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