For the riffs create the tab in the practice section

Maybe i’m to early on in my journey but there will be a riff that justin will explain but it would be nice to see the actual notes or tab when practing this

Ian @ihavenoname
Not sure where you are in your journey but each song lesson there is either a tab or standard notation or both. However it is a paid for addition to the free lessons.

I have it but I am really only look at the chords at present.

Hi Michael. Can the tabs in the paid for app be downloaded and then saved and viewed offline.?

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Gordon @sairfingers
Unfortunately you can’t see the extracts from FAQ

Have a listen to the video.


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Well I paid for the app so thats mostly what i’m talking about. I get that on the website its an extra service in addition to all the free material

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+1 for this.

I’m at the point where I can create my own tabs for simple riffs now, but clearly remember how much I missed having a tab in the earlier stages.

Justin’s video lessons are great, but having an accurate tab as well can be super helpful to complement the video lesson.

I know at least some of the beginner riff lessons have been tabbed out on the website by volunteers (mainly by @Richard_close2u, I think).

Have you looked there?

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Ian - if you’re early in the journey, you will be meeting these riffs - and all have TAB in the Learn More section below the video.

That is each and every riff contained within the Grade 1 and Grade 2 sections of the Beginner course. And they all have TAB provided.

Thanks for purchasing the App which in turn supports Justin to continue creating the best free content. The website, and the free lessons / courses, are the core of Justin’s Beginner course. I encourage you to use it in conjunction with the App to ensure you don’t miss out on essential or extra information and learning tips.


After some wrangling over the copyright issues, all beginner riffs have TAB.
I did a little work but not all. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!

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