For the songs how many strums per measure

I was going through some of the basic songs and there will be an am then an em of something. Its unclear if you strum just one beat per measure or 4

Your question is not clear to me. A screen shot from the App would be helpful.

I’m assuming you mean measures with only one chord.

Generally, with beginner songs, the students should strum the chord 4 times per measure. If you can’t do that at the slowest tempo, just strum once on beat 1. But try to keep your strumming hand moving in time to the beat.

Also, note that each measure shows the downbeats as large dots, and the upbeats as small dots.

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Justin emphasises in many lessons, especially those aimed at beginners, to play as basic & simple as you need.
You can play all of the songs with 1 strum per bar, or 2 per bar, or 4 per bar until you reach a point where you are playing down and up strums so can play a strumming pattern using down and up strums counted as eighths.
I hope that helps.

Thanks! That makes sense. At least in the app i didnt think it mentioned that the goal is up to 4 beats Thats what I’m going to be working on!

Thanks that was my question. 4 times per measure for songs with only one chord is my goal then

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