For the Tommy Emmanuel fans, something a bit different


Saw this and enjoyed them both. should you get chance to see TE, it is always worth it, the man provides a master class in playing the acoustic guitar and is a treat.

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What a great collaboration, and interesting to see Mike Dawes play accompaniment - an absolute gem!

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This is great Tony thanks for sharing

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Indeed. He’s such an entertainer. I’ve seen him on numerous occasions live, the last time I was fortunate enough to have front row seats.

What I liked about this video was he was a bit more subdued / subtle than usual.

Yes, I have seen him in small venues, the last was 4 rows back, less neck ache, and he is an incredible entertainer. He also know his way around a fret board and what one can, with much practice, do with it. I would suggest to any guitarist, aspiring or whatever to see him, always something new to see and so inspirational!

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Wasn’t expecting to bump into TE covering a 1975 song, great Collab. I can only imagine hoy great it is to see him live.

When I think TE I always go back to this video of him and Billy Strings, absolute animals.

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Hey @KevinKevan

The first concert I saw him perform in was in the early 90s. I’d heard people rave about him, didn’t know any of his music or what he did, but hey, he was playing at a local pub so the effort for me to go was quite low.

He did several sets. The first set was all electric guitar (which I’m quite the fan of) and while he played very well, I just didn’t get how much others had raved about him.

He had a break and then brought out his acoustic and the first song he played was “Initiation”. OMG. The sounds he got out of that acoustic completely blew my mind and I fully got why others rave about him.

In the more recent concerts of his that I’ve gone to he only plays acoustic.