For What It’s Worth Tempo

I’ve been playing “For What It’s Worth” using the app, which says the tempo is 100 bpm. However, I just received my copy of the “Beginner’s Song Book Volume II,” and it says the tempo is 98 bpm. I realize this is a very small difference, but which is it? 98 bpm or 100 bpm?

Hi Craig,

There’s an easy way to figure this out for yourself. On the main JustinGuitar website, under the “Tools” menu you’ll find the “Tempo Calculator”, which shows you how to find the BPM for any song.

cheers, John

It really doesn’t matter. Nobody will throw you under a bus if you
play a little fast or a little slow.
If you watch 10 different videos of the song you will find 10 different bpm and they will all sound good.
Learn the song and play it at your comfort level. Timing is more
important than bpm.
If your wanting to know to set a metronome pick a number you
can play at without mistakes.