Forcing Chord Changes

Can't change chords fast enough to properly play a song? Let's fix that!

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When changing chords is it wrong to strum on beat 1 even if not all of the fingers of the cords are placed? Do I need that all the fingers are placed before strumming or I am making a bad habit strumming the chord before is full formed?

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That depends.

The most important thing is to maintain the rhythm…“rhythm is king”!

A partially fingered chord that lands solidly on beat 1 is far superior to a fully fingered chord that is late.

If you are having trouble getting all the fingers in place, reduce the tempo until you can do this reliably, then raise the tempo slowly.

A metronome or rhythm track can be very useful for this process.

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As Justin shows in the lesson the importance is to keep the strumming going and stick with the rhythm. By practising the one minute changes you will increase the speed at which you can change chords and therefore stay in time when doing this kind of routine. In fact the bad habit will be stopping to place the chord and then starting the strumming again. A bit like driving down the road and stamping on the breaks at every 4th lamppost !

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Thanks for your answers, I will keep practicing chord changes and perfect cord changes and as well playing using the justinguitar app