Format of video wrong

Well, finally recorded myself playing something on my phone, but couldn’t upload it. Format not supported? I couldnt work out how to change the format so deleted it. Was not great anyway… But how do i do it??? Help.

you need to up load your video to youtube then link it the the forum.

YouTube? Does that mean the general public could view it?
Thanks btw…

There are 3 setting on YouTube for uploaded videos.
Public - anyone can watch it.
Private - only you can watch it.
Unlisted - only people with the link to the video can watch it.
You post the link in the Audio/video of you playing section of the forum/community. The only people who can then watch the video are forum/community members.

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I convert it to mp3 with a free App and save it to Google drive and set permissions to Anyone with the link; I don’t really like saving videos to YT myself!

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Thanks. Am a complete idiot when it comes to tech, so will have a go when I’ve got a brain cell or two working :blush:

Hi Julie,
If you want to feel less tech idiot you just have to ask me a question, :joy:…then you will most likely get a stupid/weird answer or I just say I don’t get it eihter, or certainly can’t explain it well, because I do something by chance :upside_down_face: :see_no_evil:
Have a lot of fun playing,and good luck and may the force be with you to sort out all the techstuff well later :grimacing: :laughing:
Greetings Rogier