Forty-year-old mystery solved 😃

In 1982, the teenage me hits the ‘Record’ button on a mixtape and captures a heavy reggae dub tune. No idea who it was, and I never came across it since :slightly_frowning_face:
Years later a friend in Switzerland sends me a load of mixtape songs (incl. some of mine) that he wants me to identify. Encyclopedic knowledge, Shazam and the search function for lyrics on the Google-beast sorted out most puzzles, but not this one
I was fairly sure the lyrics contained “long time and I have no fun… chalice and the palace… Dancing to the sounds of the dub…” With that much info, I was really surprised I still drew a blank :thinking:

Today I decide to have another bash and upload a snippet of the song my friend had sent me to ask FB and the community here if anyone had any ideas, but Soundcloud wouldn’t let me upload it due to ‘digital rights’. OK, that means they recognise it :smiley:
Try Shazam again. Bingo! Now it comes up with Michael (Mikey) Smith from his album Mi Cyaan Believe It (Yup, I couldn’t find the lyrics because they are all written in Jamaican patois).

I’m sitting here with a wide grin on my face listening to some of the finest reggae-dub (in the style of Linton Kwesi Johnson) after having downloaded the whole album. (Poor guy was murdered for heckling a politician.)

Jah! Rastafari!


Thats awesome. I know that relief when you finally get that song figured out and in your possession. I have a similar story about a song from a movie from when I was a kid that I could never find a soundtrack for. Now with Shazam and internet and such I was able to get it into my phone and I Iisten to it all the time now.

Good morning Brian,
What a wonderful story with a wonderful song,…

And now you are reminded again why we are not allowed to talk about politics here,… :smirk:

Cool story and enjoyable song.

Ignorant me would just have called this reggae, no idea about dub and ska and all the other subtleties.

Mention of LKJ reminds me of my high school years, the big parties we’d go to in a local hall run by a few kids who had a couple of turn-tables and a lot of LP records … back in '81/82.

Also reminds me of my own similar experience. In 1991 I lived in a townhouse complex and used to hang out with an older guy who lived a few units down. Would sit late into the night drinking beer, talking, and listening to music. He made me a mixed tape with many many cool songs. Later when the tape was lost and I wanted to obtain those songs I had no idea of my favourite from that tape. Until one night, many years later, my wife and I were having dinner with a work colleague at his place. He kept the music playing until out of the blue, there it was … Del Amitri’s Nothing Ever Happens, as played by Eric at a Community OM and who knows maybe played by me one fine day … if I am a good boy and practice a whole lot more.

Hi Brian, have you checked out ‘Burning Spear’, some more excellent dub?

I might respond with “eye n eye maaan” but after the op thought better. Then hit play and thought nah “Go rasta Dane”. Well ma heads bobbing up and down like a seagull in the Channel. Let me hear you say yere. :jamaica:

Having read this I thought I would have a go at finding an artist for a piece I have.

I’ve tried Soundhound and uploading to Soundcloud and no Joy.

What do you do when you discover a piece with no apparent composer . ?


Hi Rachel, who is it, perhaps someone on here will know?

Sorry to Brian I feel i’m hijacking which I dont mean to…

I dont know who it is , I meant I was able to upload to soundcloud and it wasn’t recognised.

I want to find the composer because I like the piece and want to see what else that person has created.


Did you try Shazam?

tried again, sadly still no luck.

Rachel can you post the track in the what you are listening to thread and ask the question there maybe that will hit a wider audience and someone will recognise it. Just an early morning thoughtful stop

I will try, I have a private link…


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