Found spelling mistake

Account page.
[Footer bold text - “cancel …mobile decice”]


Thanks Rachel. I’ll pass this on to the team.

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@Libitina Rachel, team aren’t able to find this based on info provided. Please could you share the specific URL and a screenshot.


I suppose if this really is a thread, we’re supposed to engage? :thinking:
Sounds like a job for :ant:-Man! :rofl:

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TY, not at my pc for a couple and can’t see in mobile lol.

Spelling mistake on the Clubs page.

Should be double L in cancelled.

Please note this schedule may change without notice, and an event might be canceled or rescheduled in case of a last-minute emergency.

Hey Stefan,
Americans tend to spell “canceled” with one “l”. Which drives this particular American crazy. That said, this is a refreshingly non-American-centric site, so I side with your edit!!!

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