Foundations: Suggested Practice

Here’s a summary of your suggested practice routine for the Strumming Foundations module!

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so i loaded these to my practice assistant and just tried to do them, but they are all empty :thinking:. i click on play and nothing happens, no video, just a countdown timer.


Hi Raymond,
I’m not absolutely sure what you are missing or what you want to achieve. Are you looking for a link to the actual tutorial video? These are never linked in the practice assistant.
Or are you expecting a video assistant for the respective practice to play-along, like in the following screenshot? They are obviously not always existant.

In case you are unclear what to be expected from a practice assistant and what it does, here is a link to Justin’s explanation:

Hope this helps.

All the best,

Hi Ray.
Some items when loaded to My Practice Assistant do indeed have short play along or helpful videos. Others have timers and / or metronomes. All have the option to add notes for yourself etc.

These particular items do not (yet) have video content. They have timers / metronome tools where appropriate and are a means of helping keep your practice through the SOS course organised, focussed and timed.

I hope that helps.