Fred and Ginger

I’m beginning to think I’ve too much time on my hands. Sorry if I’m annoying people by posting too much. I don’t mean to upset.

Anyway a song about it being never too late to find someone special to share the world with…


Love the vibe of this song!
And the guitar track is lovely.
Vocals sounds really good!

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Thanks Rene. I think I’m getting closer to where I think it needs to be

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Nicely played and sung. Good variation in the rhythm.

Loved it :clap: always look forward to your originals :v:

Sounds great, Dom.

Appreciate your concern for flooding the Community Recordings categories. I’ve had a quick look and I think you are posting a couple a month over the last couple of months. Personally I think that is OK, not flooding, a reasonable frequency and volume.

You must now be well on your way to an album of originals. As I recall all your songs have a complimentary feel and vibe. And have all been enjoyable listens.

Keep on, keeping on!

You gotta grab that muse whenever you can, Dom :smiley:
If you enjoy it, that’s reason enough. If you can bring a smile to a couple more faces, how cool is that? :sunglasses:
I usually focus more on your lyrics/vocals than guitar, but found I was listening more closely to your strumming on this one.
Great stuff!
One suggestion: If you’ve gone to the trouble of writing lyrics, I’d include them in the original post. Some of us are old enough to have enjoyed growing up, following the sleeve notes on album covers (and others have difficulty following English)
Just heard a (presumably old) remark about Fred and Ginger the other day:
“Fred Astaire was great, but don’t forget that Ginger Rogers did everything he did, backwards … and in high heels .” :rofl:

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Fabulous again Dom. You always deliver! I could listen to your originals all day! Great stuff!!!

Hey Dom, I went and had a listen to a few of your originals. Great stuff, you’ve got a knack for writing some good material.

Ooh, really nice. Well played & sung + great choice of chords. The title and theme work really well. Got a bit of a Smiths vibe. :+1:

Hey, if you’ve got it in you, you have to get it out.

Great work on this one Dom. You write so much good stuff.

Dom this is an excellent original. Your guitar work and vocals were both really solid and the lyrics were great! :clap:

Don’t forget that in “Shall we Dance” they performed a really energetic & entertaining dance on roller skates!
*Rumor is that it took 150 takes to get the final version of the scene :clapper:!!!
They were professionals at the top of their game!
So don’t feel too bad that us amateur musicians have a struggle with learning a new to us talent!!! (many of us being “Old dogs” ):rofl:


A lovely, lovingly crafted piece that feels like… dancing!!!

Thanks for sharing your originals with the Community!!!



Cool song - sounds like something Morrisey would sing.
Really nice rhythm playing.
Liked the lyrics.
Vocal delivered them very well.