FREE DOWNLOAD: 12 Days of Christmas Songs Booklet

Download your FREE booklet and enjoy a complimentary Christmas playlist on my app. :slight_smile:


Awww man, Justin this is AMAZING!!! Thank you so much! Might be tight on budget currently but I shall send small gift in form of donation.

God bless you and your family :slight_smile: Have great Christmas!

P.S. Off to learn some songs from Christmas Songbook :wink:


Curious about the name of the “Rock G” chord shown in the Christmas Songbook. I’ve heard it called “Rock G” AND “County G”, and “Full G.” (So, I call it Full G.)

I’ve always thought the four-finger G is referred to as the “rock G,” and the three-finger form as the “country G.”

Thanks for the christmas booklet. I’m already practicing Silent Night, at least one christmas song I should be able to play and sing till 24th. Hopefully my family will give me support with singing :hugs:
Thanks for that, really appreciated!

Hello @CLW1 and welcome to the community.

Different G chords: