Free fallin, well something like that

Sorry this nothing great your soon see or hear, I got problems in all areas strumming timing chord changing. I think I learnt all the bad habits out there, plus I can’t multitask at all and there a lot going on when trying to play.

My welcome post was a few days ago, So I’m at the start of the course and I’m adding three little shorts videos of free falling with 3 of my electric guitars.
Les Paul Epiphone Slash
Les Paul Epiphone SG (if you read my welcome post it the one with the twisted neck)
Fender MIM standard

I do have a Epiphone Dove but my fingers hurt, and Acoustic strings are harder to press lol.
Anyway, the brave part posting this to the community and letting you all hear just how bad I am :frowning:

[5 October 2022 - YouTube]
[5 October 2022 - YouTube]
[5 October 2022 - YouTube]


That’s no way near as bad as you think Steven!! I’m guessing you recorded those in sequence? The Fender one was the best sounding all around, a good example of improvement through repetition!! Loved some of your reactions, we’ve all been there mate!!

I’d just suggest slowing everything right down, begin with just the chord changes (no embellishments, single string stuff) and work to get that to tempo, then slow it down again to build in the extras. I wouldn’t have been unhappy with that at the start of the course. Going great, keep at it :+1:


Ps - is that your first video post in the community? If so then even bigger thumbs up!! It’s a leap of faith for sure!


I agree with Mark and I think you should give yourself more credit Steven. There was certainly a lot of good stuff in there and as you progress everything will naturally become smoother. You took a big step by being willing to post a video of yourself. It’s a scary step putting yourself out there for the first time but that hurdle is now jumped. Well done :+1:.


Well done Steven. Congrats on your first AVOYP, it’s a big step but worth it for the feedback you’ll get.
The third one was definitely better, your confidence was growing visibly as you progressed. I agree with the previous comment. Slow down a little until you can nail the chord changes then gradually speed back up. Keep your strumming hand in a steady up and down pattern and that’ll help keep your timing consistent.
Perhaps next time put your phone camera in landscape mode. That way we can get a better view of your strumming and fretting hands.
Looking forward to more from you.


Thanks guys yes first video of playing but I also hope this jump adds to me trying to learn.
Had to get 2 guitars out of there case then just press record. The Epiphones I love i guess it the humbuckers coils that give a warm tone.
The fender I love the fret broad just feels nice I sure the strings got more space between them or maybe it the maple neck not sure, grr I love them all really.
Chord switch almost fine, strum and chord switch not fine. It that chord not right need to stop I’m really trying not to stop but it so hard not to

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Keep the structured practice Steven. Use your chord perfect and one minute change exercises to nail the clarity and speed of changes. You’re absolutely right to not stop whilst playing a song through. Justin teaches us that the song must always continue through any errors and it’s a good habit that will stand you well as you progress.

Have to say your enthusiasm is great, carry on like this and you’ll see good progress quickly. I’m looking forward to watching it all come together for you which it undoubtedly will. :+1:


Thank you for sharing Steven! I think it’s great that you’ve jumped in with a video of where you are at. It is both rewarding and fun to see yourself progress. I was not brave enough early on to record myself. You’re off to a really good start.

I agree with what others have said about slowing down. I am guilty of this myself. I always want to jump in and do stuff at full speed right away even though it may not be the best way to practice to get it right. Slow down the speed enough to where you can change between the chords without struggle. You can build up the speed as you progress. It may also be a good idea to practice the strumming separately with the strings muted so you can work on keeping your arm consistently moving throughout the song. You can combine everything together when you are ready.

Looking forward to seeing more of your progress! :guitar:

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Hey Steven,

I think you’re closer to playing this properly than you think, but you need to tweak your timing and perhaps you’re working off a bad tab. The way you’re playing it is harder than it needs to be.

It looks like you’re finding the chords fine and your changes are quick enough.

There’s not really Dsus4 fingering in this, it’s a 4 fingered G where you don’t strum the bass strings… so it’s one less change you need to do. Your timing isn’t quite right either, you’re not doing the changes on the right beats. Fix those two things and you’ll have it.

Rather than just explain I uploaded a quick YouTube short for you to show you the riff and timing quickly: Free falling riff - YouTube. Ignore my capo position, my guitar is tuned down at the moment.

Justin also has a quite detailed lesson on the song that would be worth watching.

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Hi Steven,

Congrats on your first video. :partying_face: :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:…this is a big step,be kind to yourself ,this is really more than good for a first video,…be proud ,…thank you for sharing, keep up what you’re doing,

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Congratulations on your first AVoYP. As @roger_holland says that’s a big step and you should give yourself a good ole pat on the back for achieving that milestone. You’ve had lots of good advice above so take that onboard and keep on doing what your doing and you’ll do well.

JK is right. It is a standard D Chord. With regards to the 4 finger G Chord, Justin teaches using a Gsus2. Then it goes back to the D chord and then to an Asus4. You’re almost there with it mate. Just more practice following Justin’s song lesson. Just take it slowly and build up gradually.

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Hi Steven,

I see some solid advice here so far. It is always scary to put yourself out there to get feedback. Stay brave and keeping doing it. The first thing, like others say is to slow it down, like batteries dying in a walkman slow. No need to keep up with Tom Petty. Picture singing sheeeee…waaaas…aaaaa…gooood…girlllll. really slow. It may sound odd but slow is the key before you can play faster. I think this song is a great choice for beginners, pretty much all of his songs are fairly easy. I play this song at the beach sometimes and it is a lot of fun. For the timing part, I struggled with that too and still have challenges sometimes. Start with steady downstrums counting, tap your foot, bob your head, shrug your shoulders,-anything works. It helps you feel the song too. Thanks very much for sharing and beautiful choices for guitars too. I would be happy with any of them!


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Lots of good advice in this thread. I’ll just say that you obviously have it in you to move forward very nicely with your playing.

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Congrats on the first posting, Stephen. I’ll just join the celebration and acknowledgement of the feedback already given. Keep doing what you are doing, look forward to the next recordings.

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Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting Steven.

That was some good playing. The way you’d built it up I thought it was going to be a real car crash. I think you’re being over critical on yourself. We all make mistakes, just learn to roll with the punches.

I preferred the sound on the first guitar, if you were wanting to know.

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Welcome. Congrats on avoyp. That was good I was able to tell what song it was. I think I liked the fender best but I am no expert. I had epiphone Les Paul but I had to return it I could not play it, felt like strings were too far away from the fretboard. I got a Squier Strat. I love it. It is a great beginner guitar for me. Definitely the easiest to play. So I may be a little biased. :upside_down_face:

Big thanks for all the support, I let the SG down a little as I played it on bridge pick up ops.

Not really sure the fender neck feels better, like the fretboard flatter and little more room between the strings.
Fender also going for work as it needs a setup.
New pick guard new bare knuckles cobra pick ups. All new wiring pots and switch.
Will try and do something in gear talk about it, still saving to do it all.