Freight Train (Elizabeth Cotton) Arr Joe Robinson

Good work, Paul! Some tricky stuff going on there, but you are right on track. Nicely played, congrats!

Hi Paul,
Really nice :sunglasses: :clap:

And confrontational :roll_eyes:, because it reminds me that I was working on this (still with only exercises prior to this :see_no_evil:), and after my last first video in the proces topic I had the last pattern before starting this Train in it within 2 days in the head/vingers , but James @Socio demanded me :blush: that I had to play it without watching, and then that After the third day it still didn’t work, I thought I’d come back to it later… Well, will be later is hopefully this week and maybe a little later :smile: (11 ) songs on the list in the computer bar :see_no_evil:

Thanks and Greetings

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Thanks Lisa - certainly wasn’t easy! 10 mins a day adds up to quite a lot of hours - It’s just so different from my usual technique. Having chatted with @Alexeyd, I’m now trying to introduce a thumbpick too - whole new challenge!

Cheers Will - Ain’t that the truth! To be fair, I wasn’t coming at this completely cold, but the palm muting threw everything into the air

Very kind Stefan - still a long way to go!

With the quality of the music you already create Brian any more technical skills might force me to hang up my plectrum for good.

Cheers Phil - See my comment to Brian, same applies!

Thanks Helen - appreciate the kind words.

Cheers Rogier - It’s a fun piece and it sounded like you were making some great progress when I saw your last rcordings, I’d love to see your version when it’s ready


encouraged… I have nothing but encouragement for you Rogier and everyone else in this community :slight_smile: Now when are you going to post the updated video of you performing the piece with your eyes closed?


Oooo , But I thought your wish (encouragement) was my command :rofl:… It was funny because for 3 days I thought about you way too much (and sometimes when it occurred to me I had to practice “I’ll practice Freight Train later”) :see_no_evil:

Tomorrow I’ll give it another twist (thinking even more of you now :laughing:) and try to turn the eyes appropriately away from my picking hand (I wanted to tap something with blindfolds but then Brian starts talking about keeping things neat/clean and so on again :blush:).

Greetings all :sunglasses:


Congratulation on achieving progress into that song. From the Joe Robinson club, we all remember that it’s not an easy piece. Great job!

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Hi Paul, as others have said you’re well on your way to it…slow and steady one gets far! It already sounds very good to my ear…with more practice (probably on this and other tunes as well) you’ll consolidate your skills and confidence :blush:

Thanks Mathieu, it’s been a fun journey

Cheers Silvia - yep next step is getting it smooth with a thumb pick!