Freight Train (Elizabeth Cotton) Arr Joe Robinson

I’ve spent about 10 minutes a day on the Joe Robinson stuff since his Club event, and can finally struggle through the freight train piece. It’s been a real challenge to get the palm mute on the bass as that changes my picking hand position for fingerstyle completely, my thumb feels very out of place and quite stretched compared with my normal style. Also those tricky couple of barre chords have been a pain!
Still a long way to go, but it’s recognisable at least :slight_smile:


Good job!
If you want a couple of tips - ping me, we can talk on zoom, I’ll show you smth :slight_smile:


Nice one Paul. Slow and steady away. :slight_smile:

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Tuneful and instantly recognisable. Well played.


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Sounds good Paul. Well done!

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Sounding good, Paul. Those tricky barre chords have put me off learning it for the time being. You made them look a doddle. Great job learning it mate. Well done.

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Sounding good Paul, well done.

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Great job, Paul!

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@Alexeyd - Thanks Alexey, I’ll give you a shout tomorrow.
@Richard_close2u - Slow is the only way!
@beejay56 - Cheers, it’s taken a while!
@DavidP - Thanks David
@Socio - yeah, moving to those chords cleanly enough for fingerpicking is a challenge
@Malz - Cheers Mal!
@acrein - appreciate it Andrew


Sounds great Paul! This is very challenging and I thought you did quite well.
I didn’t see it was 40s, I wanted more when it cut. :slight_smile:
I am looking forward for the next versions.

It’s definitely recognizable, and definitely sounding like you’re on the way! This is a great learning post, showing you playing nice and slowly and in very good time. I hope to see your next version!

I really like listening to Elizabeth Cotton music. What an icon, and to think she was only about 12 years old when she wrote this song.
Well, played and an enjoyable laid-back watch and listen.

Cheers Boris - There’s certainly some challenging sections in here, the hardest being muting the bass, just not something I normally do fingerstyle

Thanks Mari, appreciate the listen and comments. The main hurdle right now is the first barre chord change which requires a lot of accuracy and a pinky on the high e string. That change dictates the speed of the whole piece for me!

Cheers Dave - yes, she was an amazing talent much overlooked.

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Some really tricky stuff going on there, with alternating bass! Nice work so far.

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Thanks JK - Yeah, there’s a lot of moving parts in this one - definitely a challenge for me!

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A little late to the party, but gladly I didn’t miss it. That sounds great already, Paul. All the effort you put in since the club is totally worth it, well done! :+1:
This stuff is really tricky (fumbling on parts myself, not even close to your progress), but you make it look quite easy.

Very nice Fingerpicking is sooo hard to master but insanely rewarding when it starts work. I have been working on this one for 2 years and am still not there

A great job with that on Paul. It looks like a really tricky one but not for you. Fingerpicking barre chords sure isn’t a walk in the park either. Bravo!

Very nice, Paul :smiley:
Reminds me I should actually try to learn how to play guitar :rofl:

Sounding great Paul - I can’t conceive of doing difficult stuff like that with my left AND right hand at the same time :rofl: