Fret end of guitar moving around while strumming with chord changes!

When just strumming, I feel that I have a good hold of the guitar. When I am just changing chords, I feel I have a good hold of the guitar. When I try to play a song with the app and I am strumming with chord changes, it feels like I do not have a good hold of the guitar. It makes it hard to change chords because the fret end of the guitar is bouncing around. Anyone else have this problem?

Did you make sure that the guitar is balanced on your leg without holding it with the fretting hand?

I make sure it feels stable with my body and the strumming arm so the fret end stays still. But, once I start strumming everything is bouncing around. I guess that I can practice strumming without supporting with the fretting hand. I know when I practice just strumming I hold with both hands. This may be a bad habit.

Does the back of your hand moves around when you strum or just the wrist?

Hey mate. If you say that you’re supporting the guitar with your strumming arm, ie between elbow and body, then you may be using too tight of a grip with you’r fretting hand, and/tension in that arm. The fretting hand should not be supporting the guitar in any way.
Too much tension is a common problem for many people. I am constantly working on playing with less tension.

Perhaps post a quick video of your problem, so we can see exactly what you mean.

Cheers, Shane

If you remove your hand from the instrument the guitar should not move. If it shifts position when you remove your hand then you need to adjust the way you’re supporting the guitar.

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Perhaps it might help to review this lesson…

Yes, i did go back and review that lesson. I was trying to grip and hold the guitar with my strumming arm and body. Thus, I was creating a lot of tension as i played. When I simply balance it on my leg, against my body and relax it helps a lot. Funny how the more relaxed and at ease I play. I was trying to secure it when I really did not need to and created a problem. Oh…well. From now on, I will try to play more relaxed and not worry so much about trying to squeeze/hold the guitar between my body and strumming arm.

Joe if you post a video of you playing it will help us help you a whole heap more. Words can only explain so much.

It’s important you identify and deal with unwanted tension in your playing now. Once you learn to play with tension that’s not helping you, it’s hard to unlearn.

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I’m having a similar issue. One thing I found that helps is to hold the neck of the guitar closer to my body where I am not reaching with my fretting hand. I just discovered this and it really does help. Basically you just sit in your chair with your arms hanging down. Then raise your fretting hand at a comfortable 90 degree angle. Then position the guitar in your lap to meet your hand. I find that my cords sound much clearer and my hand doesn’t hurt.