Fretboard annotation app?

Question for @Richard_close2u what product are you using to create the fretboard diagrams like you created for your explanation of sixths in this thread: That 6th Trick - #10 by jjw1 ?


For the initial tamplate diagram of the guitar neck plus notes shown as dots I use software called Neck Diagrams.

Once I have created the diagram(s) I can export as pdfs and use the image(s) raw or sometimes (as in the examples you link to do some additional editing with overlaid highlighting / writing / lines / arrows etc. I have a software called Bitpaper (which is a paid for software) but I am sure there are many freeware options that would allow you to do the same job.


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Thank you!

I’m learning about 7th chord positions using groups of three strings to play up the neck, using the sixths in between the chords as a way to “connect” them, thought I’d add to that thread with some diagrams