Fretboard Oil

I am looking for a good fretboard oil as I am about to change my strings for the first time and want to treat the fretboard at the same time. Suggestions?


Cant go wrong with Dunlop 65. Fair price and does a good clean job. Easy with the applicator. Ive been using it for about 3 years.



This is what I use


Thank you!

I use music nomad f-one oil


Lots of foot options. I use McKnight fretboard conditioner. It is all natural home made by a very experienced luthier, and in case you get too close to your guitar, it is “food grade”!

I think you need to email them about it.

I use plain old lemon oil intended for furniture and wood surfaces.

I use Dunlop 65, like sclay. Easy to apply thanks to an applicator, very yield. Didn’t try anything else so far, but I’m satisfied.

Plus one for the music nomad thing.
I also use the Crimson Guitars one which I think I like a little better but if you’re not in the UK it might not worth the money.

I use a product by D’Addario, planet waves, labeled Lemon Oil Cleaner and Conditioner. It was reasonably priced and seems to work well.
A little goes a long way.

Remember, not all fretboards need oiling. I know the Maple neck of my electric doesn’t have to be oiled.

I use lemon oil too.


Correct as Stefan said. I have some kind of fake wood called richlite or something on the fingerboard. Does not need oil… but i use lemon oil, but that is mostly because the nice smell :rofl:

Also you DO NOT clean a fret board with oil. You clean the fret board first then apply very little oil. if you oil a dirty fret board you’re just pushing the dirt into the wood.


That’s what I use.


I use Dunlop 65 lemon oil and I am satisfied with that.

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You guys oil your fretboards?

Personally I’d only do that if the finish was fading.


How can you get your fingers so fast over that freboard without the oil JK???
Imagine how fast you could be if you oiled it!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:



I use this stuff called Finger Ease sometimes if there is too much finger grease on my strings and neck, I used it to use windex but I think this is probably better.

No oiling fretboard though, don’t want to break the speed limit :joy:

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On a rosewood fretboard - thats not finished.

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That went over my head Shane

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