From Sex Pistols to Johnny Cash - another old dog

60 yo but still going to gigs (just avoiding the mosh-pit nowadays). Edinburgh, Scotland. Played very badly for 40 years (most common open chords and the E shape barre-chord). Decided to learn properly with Justin at the start of January '22 (bought the songs app - essential purchase). Guitar is a no-name F W Woolworth special that I got 2nd hand in 1981 (the action is pretty good up to the 5th fret then gets slowly worse but I love it. Gonna get something decent for my 61st before arthritis gets me). Brand new Katana II 100w. Sex Pistols, Ramones, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Funeral For a Friend, Slipknot, Johhny Cash, Patsy Cline and most other genres from screamo to Kylie. My inspiration came from punk-rock (real punk ie 19776/ 1977) on the basis that “anyone can play” and that’s the ethos I stick to in everything I do today. Loving the different genres I am getting exposed to through the course. Justin is a genius/ I can feel and see the improvements every day.

This community seems a good place to ask the daft questions that need asking and I looking forward to being the asker of many a stupid question.


Great stuff, welcome to the community. Look forward to hearing more from you

Welcome to the Community, Craig. Love the intro, esp “real punk ie 1976/1977”. Look forward to hearing from you here, both questions and eventually rocking out in #all-about-your-music:audio-video-of-you-playing

Hello Craig, welcome to the community. Punk is what punk does and you’re never to old to does!
Why wait for a new, better guitar. The difference in quality between ‘modestly priced’ guitars of today and those of yesteryear is unbelievable.
Richard :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Community, Craig :smiley:

For me, most 70’s punk music doesn’t really stand the test of time (apart from the nostalgia, energy and mindset that it was built on).
But that punk ideology of just go and do whatever you want on your own-
You just can’t beat it.
Gabba, Gabba Hey! :sunglasses:

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Hello and welcome to the community Craig. :slight_smile:

Welcome Spcey, I just joined myself and am 76. I think I have heard that there are no “stupid questions” somewhere. I believe the stupid ones are the ones that don’t ask. I have already learned a few things in my second visit to the forum. As we used to say “Keep on Keeping on!” oh and also Play on!

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Good to meet you Craig !

What a wonderful eclectic taste you have. Guess that old punk ethos of just do it still works. Hey despite what Mr L said I think some of that original punk-rock stands the test of time, unlike some of the pseudo-punk with variable labels that followed. But there again at out wedding back in 77 we had folk pogoing all over the place. Luckily it wasn’t at the church though, just the reception !

As to the questions, there are liable to be more daft answers but ask away when you need help. We’ve all been there.



@woodnstrings said " I believe the stupid ones are the ones that don’t ask" - I think we may have been soulmates in a prior life :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the warm welcome. Music is one of those great things that you don’t have to like just one type. I have a playlist that has Zeppelin then Patsy Cline followed by RATM and then some of those great songs from O Brother Where art Thou. They all fit together because each piece is great in its own right and each stands on its own and each is special.

While I am mostly drawn to heavy fuzz metal type stuff I actually want to play more plinky plinky/ melodic stuff. Because of Justin I have started listening to Neil Young - don’t know how I missed that stuff in my formative years. I just can’t get on with Ed Sheeran though, sorry (he seems like a nice bloke).

Look forward to discussing with you all.

Probably not this though. As a big NY fan have to say this isn’t on my play list :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Not on the playlist, but for me still worth listening to for a few minutes at a time as part of the whole NY and CH experience. It’s an expression/reflection of the chaos and conflict and complexity of what NY was seeing in the world at that time, I think.

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