From the bottom of the heart ❤

To Justin:
What an amazing project you have started. When you sit and teach, your passion shine forth. You are a brilliant teacher and go very far to catch everyone and do all in your might for people to enjoy this lovely instrument. You are shining like the sun, with a most beautiful mind. :heart: :pray:

The Team:
The Team is the pillar of the project. I have had leading positions in different jobs, and would for sure not have accomplished even a tiny part of what a team of good people can do. It’s priceless. No words can describe the value of a good team! :heart: :pray:

The Community:
The Community is all of us. Justin, The Team and the rest of us. We are the Community. The welcome have been warm, caring and with loving kindness. What a blessing. :pray:
I nearly gave up the guitar after 2 weeks. ( 6th String nearly 4mm away from 12th fret, and didn’t really enjoy the sound, it wasn’t enjoyable, it was not fun, torture to go through the training).

I look into the things and decided to sand down the saddles. That helped enormous. I made a question about string, because I didn’t enjoy the sound. The thread developed. I experienced to be respected and listened to, even as a totally beginner, only 2 weeks into my journey.

The result of that, is that I now have adjusted my guitar, got a sound I luv, I hardly have to press the strings. It is no longer torture to train. I can now grab the guitar and fool around several times a day and for way longer. Now I have loads of fun, I become creative, its just flowing now… I enjoy it so much now… it’s like magic.
Thank you so much Community. You are amazing, without you I might have left the guitar in a corner to collect some dust. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you! Sharing is Caring! :heart: :pray:

Ok, enough of that… now lets celebrate with some music… homemade … :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


Wow, love the story on how the Community was able to turn it around for you!
That’s exactly what we are here for and now you are part of it :smiley:

Thanks for the kind words <3


Wow Kim

What an incredible develop of the love you have with this whole wonderful journey. Congratulations and look forward to reading more on the progress you continue to make.
p.s. Must be a 66 thing :wink:


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