Frustrated by the reply limit, delighted by draft functionality

I guess I got a bit carried away exploring and playing yesterday and hit a limit on replies. Still 9 hours to go as I post this before I can post a reply.

For how long will that be in place? Perhaps it could be turned off during the soft launch and made visible in one of the welcome posts that a new user would likely read.

But at least as I was thwarted this morning and hit cancel I was prompted to retain the post as a draft. That is a great new feature.

How many replies did you make David? it couldn’t have been that many surely. Hopefully it’s not too limited when things go live.

I raised the consecutive reply limit from 3 to 30 for now, please let me know it this worked

Not sure what constitutes a consecutive reply, @LievenDV. All I can say is that I am sure I have made more replies this afternoon than yesterday and have not been blocked.

I reckon it was maybe a dozen, perhaps a few less. But does look like it was just a “first day” thing.

I think this limit in day one replies and posts needs to be on the welcome page.

Consecutive replis would mean (I think) replying without anybody else replying.

Not sure yet whether that means ‘per topic’ or globally, on the whole forum.

I reckon it is an anti-spam measure so I’m keeping an eye on this one

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OK, I’m going to make a bunch of replies here and see what happens

And a second …

That must be at least 20 characters

Now for a third … with extra random characters

And a forth … all seems to be working fine

That all said, my original frustration was being blocked from posting replies and certainly hadn’t been making consecutive replies to the same post.

I got blocked making replies and then shortly after that from posting a new topic.

I agree with your thinking that it is probably an anti-spam measure.

Regarding the 20 character posting limit, apparently the thought behind this, from the software authors is:

  1. they want to encourage significant participation
  2. people have the like button
  3. each discourse post takes a lot of space (even if with only one word)

I don’t disagree with these. On the old forum, there were, quite often, posts which were merely an acknowledgement, such as “thanks” or even just a :wink: which didn’t bother me, per se, but these sort of “reaction” posts do add a lot of noise.

I do agree the limit can be a pain and people will artificially add stuff just to get around the limit, so I wonder if the approach is correct.

There are third-party plugins which allow a much richer set of reactions to posts, and I wonder if such a plugin would be useful.

Personally, I’m not too impacted by the limit because I tend to be quite verbose :wink:




character minimum for posts and topics is to be reviewed.

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I’m a big fan of the 20 character minimum requirement to be honest. First of all it eliminates posts such as ‘lol :joy:’ ‘haha nice’ which really don’t contribute anything of value and just create unnecessary clutter. As Keith said the like button works great and I can see how this limitation will stimulate meaningful discussion.

Also once the flood gates open I’m pretty sure there will be a substantial influx of new users so this little feature could save you guys (the mods) a lot of work.



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Haha lol :rofl:

That’s only 9 ! How d’yer do that then Mr Webmeister ??? :joy:

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I think this limit on characters and the desire to limit those short replies is a tricky one. Yes, I agree that they don’t add much in terms of meaningful content, but I think they are part of the banter and vibe of the community. Just not quite the same to be just clicking the like button.

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